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What the recent GoTo security incident says about the Remote Access software industry

Further details have emerged on a recent GoTo/LastPass data breach. And the conclusion is painfully clear: everyone thinks about security and knows it’s important. However, …
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Zero Trust Network Access vs. Remote Access: Which is Right for Your Organization?

At a time when security is as critical to remotely accessing a network as productivity, do organizations need to “zero” in on ZTNA? Or is …
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The importance digital trust should have to your software provider

Digital trust should be one of your main concerns when deciding between comparable software providers. But what is digital trust and what expectations should you …
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How RealVNC customers experienced 2022 and what's next

We're at the end of a very exciting year for both RealVNC and our customers. What follows is a look back at the year through …
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Just How Secure Is RDP Over the Internet?

With so many organizations still enabling some part of their employees to work remotely using Microsoft’s native built-in remote access tool, the question becomes: “Is …
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How RealVNC people use VNC Connect: our personal stories

Here's a confession from us working here at RealVNC: we don't just make, promote, and sell great software. We also use it in our daily …
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