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The VNC Connect webinar series is designed to provide educational information on the remote access industry, details about RealVNC products and case study examples from our customers. We invite you to join us and see how you can reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency with VNC Connect.

How to stay safe with remote access in 5 easy steps

Date: 16-Jun-2022
Duration: 45min
Presenter: Andrew Woodhouse – Chief Information Officer at RealVNC

Presenter: Ben May – Head of Cyber Security at RealVNC

This webinar teaches five essential practices to improve your organization’s remote access security and protect from external threats.

In this video, we will talk about:

  • Encryption – what, how, and why
  • Authentication methods
  • Advantages of Cloud-brokered connections
  • The importance of policies (centralized management AND staff)
  • The importance of remote access vendor transparency

Creating Happy IoT Customers

Date: 21-Feb-2018
Duration: 30min
Presenter: Pilgrim Beart, – CEO DevicePilot
Presenter: Adam Byrne – RealVNC COO

How do we create positive customer experiences in an increasingly digital age?

Customer experience lies at the heart of all business activity, with customers themselves knowing exactly what they want and how they want it. As we become progressively digital, we become more and more interested in the importance of managing their journeys to create positive experiences.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Understand how IoT is changing customer experience
  • Understand how to leverage IoT to benefit of your ops teams

The four pillars of remote access: the complete guide for 2018

Date: 07-Nov-2017
Duration: 45min
Presenter: Clive Longbottom – Director of Quocirca

Watch our webinar ‘The four pillars of remote access: the complete guide for 2018’ to discover how developing a remote access strategy can make your organization more efficient, more secure and more profitable.

We focus on 4 key pillars:

  • Device usage – supporting an increasingly mobile workforce
  • Breaking down walls – improving efficiency across supply chains
  • Consolidation – streamlining your ecosystem
  • Security – exploring best practice

What makes VNC Connect unique?

Duration: 6min
Presenter: Joe Medina-Browne – Sales Manager at RealVNC

VNC Connect greatly increases ROI by providing the business benefits of remote access to every department in your organization. It’s so much more than a tool for your IT support team. Watch the video to see how its designed for your entire organization.

Remote access is just not for the helpdesk anymore

Date: 19-Apr-2017
Duration: 60min (23min talk + 37min Q&A)
Presenter: Joe Medina-Browne – Sales Manager at RealVNC

Historically, remote access software has been used primarily to support the IT helpdesk, but this is no longer the case.

Many organizations now recognize the business benefits of a company-wide remote access strategy that supports a range of departments and applications.

The webinar explores this growing trend using two customer case studies to highlight the business benefits that are being achieved.


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