RealVNC® Connect

Our flagship product, RealVNC® Connect, is the remote access solution for organizations that demand strong security, resilience, and peace of mind.

Secure remote access and support, from anywhere


High-quality remote access

Securely access and operate your devices with a connection so responsive it feels like you’re sitting right in front of them.

Tailored to fit your needs

RealVNC® Connect is fully configurable out of the box. Granular control over your setup means you can customize it to meet your specific needs and use cases.

fast IT support

Lightweight remote support

Help customers quicker with remote support sessions that you can launch in seconds without customers needing to worry about installing any software.

Secure, reliable access at any time

Keep your organization connected with secure remote access, helping you boost productivity and widen collaboration

Certifiably secure remote access

RealVNC undergoes rigorous, independent security audits on a regular basis so that you can deploy RealVNC Connect with complete confidence that you are using a truly secure remote access solution.

Discover plans and pricing

On-Demand Assist lets you launch a secure remote session within seconds

Find the fix to user issues

On-Demand Assist lets you launch a secure remote session within seconds, allowing you to diagnose user issues faster and improve time-to-resolution

Cut complexity with a consolidated solution​

Juggling separate remote access solutions is complex, time-consuming, and risky. RealVNC® Connect helps simplify your setup with multi-platform support by providing a single solution that covers all your remote access and support needs.

Cover all your remote access needs​

Remote access is much more than an IT tool. Whether it’s enabling cross-functional collaboration and hybrid working, maintaining life-saving systems and state-of-the-art equipment, or empowering customer service teams to go above and beyond, RealVNC® Connect offers the reliable performance and tools to do it all.

Protect your network against security threats​

Offer secure remote access at scale, with confidence. RealVNC® Connect features enterprise-grade security that protects against external threats, while a suite of admin tools gives you complete control of access across all devices.

Frequently asked questions

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RealVNC® Connect can only be purchased with annual billing. Monthly billing is not available.

If you need to increase the number of licenses you’re using, you can do so in your RealVNC account.

However, please contact Sales if you need to change your subscription.

You can download RealVNC Connect from our Downloads page. This includes both RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server in one convenient download package.

You can download RealVNC Server here. It’s the software to install on every computer you want to control.

You can download RealVNC Viewer here. It’s what you install on every desktop computer you want to control from. If you’re looking to control computers from a mobile device, search ‘RealVNC’ in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

RealVNC is trusted by
more than 90,000 businesses


Wayne Hobbs, Satellite Control Network Analyst

"The remote access capabilities from the RealVNC software makes what we do simpler, we can focus on the operations and the spacecraft and not worry about the connectivity."


Ross Hunt, IT Technical Support Analyst

“Before discovering RealVNC software, I’d have to try and understand a problem from someone describing it or spend time travelling to their desk. Now I can access the computer remotely and see the issue.”

Michael Balon, IT Manager

"We produce products that require close monitoring 24 hours a day. Having RealVNC remote access software allows us to remotely monitor and fix any problems quickly."

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