Five Practical Applications of Remote Access Software in Manufacturing

Remote access software can help companies in the field of manufacturing maintain efficiency and safety. All this, while managing complex production lines. What follows are practical solutions for remote access in manufacturing. These allow organizations to use remote access to their advantage.

By putting these ideas into practice, you can, among other things, enhance operational efficiency, and improve equipment reliability.  Without further ado, here’s what we’ll be looking into:

Equipment Monitoring and Control

Ideally, you want your equipment to run continuously. If adjustments are needed, you probably don’t want to have to be physically present every time. 

Remote access software allows you to maintain equipment in all your production locations. Furthermore, RealVNC Connect helps you access your machines in complete security. That’s right – without needing to worry about your data being intercepted. 

You can use remote access to monitor your equipment and respond immediately if you see any issues. All this from anywhere you may be at that specific moment in time. This allows you to reduce downtime and improve productivity, not to mention reduce expensive callouts for minor issues. 

To find out more, check out how our customer Boston Valley Terra Cotta uses the product.

IT and OT Support

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems are something manufacturing relies heavily on. Therefore, IT and OT staff performs constant maintenance tasks, as well as tweaking equipment. 

Remote access allows staff to perform maintenance and updates without being present onsite. This saves a lot of time, as the same maintenance task can be performed in multiple locations at the same time, keeping systems running smoothly.

Remote Training for Technicians and Operators

When processes or machines change, getting everyone in the same location for training can be very complicated. Especially if the same process needs to be shown to personnel in multiple locations. 

Remote access software makes training technicians and operators a breeze. They can all access the trainer’s screen, and they can show them all the necessary steps on their machine. Trainers can even access their machines and correct them if they’re not doing something right. 

With RealVNC Connect, distance is no longer an obstacle in the way of efficient training.

Secure Remote Work for Manufacturing Engineers

It’s not uncommon for a manufacturing engineer to work for several production facilities. They may be working from one location, while also needing to access critical systems in another. If this happens, they need to be able to do so securely.

With the right remote access software, they can do so while complying with industry regulations, at the same time making sure they’re maintaining data security. As security and compliance are invaluable, using a solution that ticks all security boxes is crucial.

Improved Vendor Access

Situations where an external vendor needs to perform diagnostics or maintenance on equipment do happen at times. Remote access allows your vendors to provide such support without the need for onsite visits. 

With a remote access solution that has the necessary features, calibration and routine inspections of equipment can be done securely. You can give vendors access only to the machine in question, for as long as they need to perform the necessary tasks.


These are only some of the instances where the right remote access solution can be essential in manufacturing. Find out more about the ways in which remote access can improve your manufacturing operations in our dedicated webinar.  And don’t forget to also check out our manufacturing white paper for more insights!

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