Instant Remote Support
with On-Demand Assist

Provide secure remote support to anyone at a
moment’s notice, across desktop and mobile.

What is On-Demand Assist?

On-Demand Assist lets you provide secure remote support to anyone, at a moment’s notice. Connect securely to any internet-enabled desktop or mobile device, even if it’s outside your corporate network to provide timely, on-demand assistance to colleagues, employees, or third parties.

How On-Demand Assist Works:

Step 1

Technician clicks On-Demand Assist button within RealVNC Viewer, and generates a session code.

Step 2

End user visits to download the On-Demand Assist app.

Step 3

End user enters the code in the On-Demand Assist app.

Step 4

Remote support session starts - a secure connection is established and assistance begins.

Step 5

Use features like file transfer, chat, and permission elevation - make use of powerful tools to provide comprehensive support.

Step 6

Conclude the remote support session when resolution has been reached.

Troubleshooting at a Moment's Notice

Efficiency is crucial when resolving technical issues. On-Demand Assist offers zero installation and no configuration, enabling technicians to start troubleshooting immediately.

Support Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices
Addressing Common Challenges

Support Anyone

With On-Demand Assist, support isn't just limited to users on your internal network. You can assist users both inside and outside your organization effortlessly.

Usability - All the Tools You Need

On-Demand Assist equips you with a comprehensive set of tools tailored for technicians.

Instant Customer Support

Security - Protecting Your Data

At RealVNC, we prioritize the security of your data and communication.
Our comprehensive security features ensure that every remote support session
is conducted with the highest level of protection.

End-to-End Encryption

Robust end-to-end encryption safeguards all interactions between helpdesk technicians and end-users, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected from potential threats.

Unique Session Codes

Each support session utilizes a unique single-time-use code to prevent unauthorized access.

Session Logging and Audit

Maintain a clear record of every remote support session with detailed logging and audit capabilities. Know who is making connections and keep track of all activities for accountability and transparency.

End-User Authentication

All sessions have to authenticated by the end user, who remains in control of their device throughout the whole session.



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