Secure Remote Access with Our On-Premise Solution

Our On-Premise solution is specifically designed for organizations prioritizing data security and operational control within their IT infrastructure.

Why Choose Our Offline Licensing Solution?

Unparalleled Security​

Unparalleled Security
  • Data Stays Within Your Network: Ensures your sensitive information remains confined to your own infrastructure for maximum security.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Utilizes TLS and 256-bit AES encryption to protect remote sessions and data transfers from unauthorized access.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Offers an added layer of security, requiring a second form of verification to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Device Authentication: Strengthens security protocols by ensuring only authorized devices can access the network, protecting against both external and internal threats.
  • Air-Gapping Capability: Connect to your devices without requiring any internet connectivity, ensuring enhanced security and isolation from online threats.

Supreme Performance

  • Seamless Remote Access: Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted access to computers and servers across your organization, facilitating effortless management of IT resources, remote support, and a work-from-anywhere culture.
  • Optimized for High Performance: Guarantees real-time access with minimal latency, ensuring that your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • High-Quality Video and Audio Streaming: Provides top-notch video and audio quality for remote collaboration, making it just as effective as in-person interactions.

Total Control and Customizability

Total control
  • Maintain Complete Control: Keep full authority over your remote access setup, ensuring operations align with your security standards and operational needs.
  • Customizable Security and Access Permissions: Tailor security settings and access permissions to fit the specific demands of your organization’s operations.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Adapt the deployment of our solution to meet your unique operational requirements, ensuring a perfect fit with your existing processes.
  • Seamless Integration with IT Infrastructure: Our platform integrates effortlessly with your current IT infrastructure, facilitating an extension, enhancement, or scaling of your remote access capabilities in line with your organization’s growth.

Comprehensive Compliance

  • Meets Rigorous Compliance Standards: Our solution is crafted to assist your organization in meeting the stringent requirements of industry-specific regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and more.
  • Assists with Adherence to Regulations: Provides the tools and infrastructure necessary to comply with critical industry standards, ensuring your operations remain within legal boundaries.
  • Reduces Risk of Compliance Violations: By keeping data on-premises, our solution minimizes the risk associated with data sovereignty and privacy violations, safeguarding your organization against potential legal issues.

Getting Started

Implementing our On-Premise solution is straightforward. Our team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing support. Ensure your organization's remote access capabilities are built on a foundation of security, performance, and control with our On-Premise solution.

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