Over a billion copies

A wide range of applications incorporate VNC® technology.

250m+ downloads

We've been connecting users and computers for over 15 years.

90k+ Enterprise customers

Millions of individuals rely on VNC® every day too.

100+ major OEMs

Only RealVNC® can grant a license to embed VNC® in a product or service.

RFC 6143

The RFB® protocol that VNC® uses is an official Internet standard.

Innovative engineering

Our team of exceptional engineers has unparalleled domain knowledge.

A Cambridge success story

In 2002, AT&T closed their Cambridge, UK research laboratory, formerly the Olivetti Research Laboratory, ending a productive, decade-long collaboration with the world-famous Computing Laboratory at the University of Cambridge

Our founders, the original inventors of VNC remote access technology, immediately formed RealVNC® to build upon the enormous popular appeal of screen sharing technology with the open source community, and to leverage the growing commercial appetite for enterprise-class remote access software.

Today, RealVNC® is a multi-award winning company with customers in 160 countries, but we’re still proud to be local to Cambridge and part of its unique story.

Meet the executive management team

Adam Greenwood-Byrne

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Czeczot

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Woodhouse

Chief Information Officer

Meet the original founders of RealVNC®

Join the team

We're always looking for talented individuals to take us—and themselves—to the next level.

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