Five Great Uses for Remote Access Software in Education

With the field of education rapidly evolving, remote access software can truly move the needle for modern educational institutions. We look at some great practical uses of remote access in education.

In a field that changes as fast as education does, how do you make sure you’re always on top of things? Easy – remote access software can make the difference, keeping students, educators and administrators connected and efficient. 

As remote access software is revolutionizing education, we look at a few great practical uses for this technology in education. Whether you’re an educator or administrator, read on to find out how you can make your life much easier. 

Our article explores actionable use cases for remote access software in education, showing you how these solutions can improve modern educational environments. 

Here’s what we’ll be looking at:

Remote Learning Environments

Remote learning is made much easier by remote access software. By using such solutions, remote classrooms are a reality. Students can easily connect to the teacher’s machine, see their screen and see in real-time how a specific task is done. 

The opposite is possible as well. For practical assignments, the teacher can keep an eye on students’ screens, intervening where needed. 

All this is possible with RealVNC Connect. Even better, the file transfer feature allows the teacher to easily send and collect assignments and other educational materials.

Secure Access to Educational Resources

Also, students can easily and securely access educational resources remotely. Remote access software makes it possible for the school to keep all resources in the same place, with the students able to get to these from anywhere. 

No more emailing PDF files and not being sure that everyone has the latest version of the lesson. You can just keep everything on the same machine, for students to access at their leisure.

IT Maintenance and Troubleshooting

As schools have complex IT estates, spread over several locations, maintenance can get difficult.  And this, especially when these include machines running different operating systems.

RealVNC Connect is a secure multiplatform remote access solution that allows technicians to quickly intervene when something isn’t working as it should. 

There were times when technicians had to travel to another location for a simple task, like updating some software. However, that’s in the past; with remote access software, the technician can solve the problem from their desk, with a few clicks.

Effective Teacher Training

Teacher training is always complicated, as it involves synchronizing a large number of schedules. Getting the trainers in the same room with the teachers also involves travel costs. 

Not anymore. With RealVNC remote access software, training can happen remotely, with all parties able to easily access the same resources. The trainer can show teachers in real-time how to perform specific tasks, saving time and money. 

This way, teachers can learn new methodologies and skills from their own schools.

Administrative Efficiency

We talked about teaching staff, but how would an educational institution run without the all-important administrative personnel? And could said personnel stay on top of things even when they’re not in the building? Or when they’re working from another location?

With the right remote access software, staff can manage things like student records, scheduling or communication, remotely. It is as if they’re in front of their office machine. 

Using remote access software can make managing school business a breeze.


Not only does RealVNC remote access software make a school’s life much easier. It does so without compromising security

But don’t take our word for it. Get a free trial and see what RealVNC Connect can do for your educational institution today!

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