Four Great Practical Uses for Remote Access Software in Healthcare

The field of healthcare evolves at an incredible pace, and remote access plays a huge part in this. We look at some great practical uses for remote access software in healthcare.

The situations we’ll be discussing below are ones in which remote access can make medical professionals’ lives easier. 

Remote access software, if choosing the right one, can be indispensable in modern medical practices. As a pivotal healthcare tool, it can help improve patient care and IT support for those providing it. It can also, overall, improve operational efficiency. We recently discussed some of the ways in which remote access software can help the healthcare industry

This article will look at some actionable use cases for remote access in healthcare. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where remote access can help healthcare. 

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering:

Let’s dig into all these ideas, shall we?

Better Patient Care with Remote Monitoring

Would a doctor’s job be much easier if they could monitor a patient’s vital sign without being physically present? It’s a rhetorical question. They would gain a lot of time, as well as the ability to react in a quicker fashion to any issues.

With the right solution of remote access for healthcare, this is very much a possibility. Our multiplatform software allows instant access to a multitude of medical equipment. And this, regardless of the operating system they’re running. The medical professional can quickly make the necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. 

All this is done without the risk of compromising sensitive patient data. This is due to the fact that RealVNC Connect is the most secure remote access solution on the market.

Streamlining IT Support for Medical Devices

Even when you use the latest medical equipment, there’s always the risk of an IT issue. Generally, this means that an IT support technician will need to make their way to the  machine. They’ll find out what’s wrong and generally fix it with two clicks. However, time will already have been wasted by this point. The same goes for something as basic as a software update. 

But not with secure remote access – with a couple of clicks, IT support staff can access the machine and get the machine going again in minutes. This translates to minimal downtime and uninterrupted patient care. Operational efficiency shouldn’t be negotiable in such a sensitive field.

Secure Work-from-Home Access

Working from home has become a fact of everyday life for some medical professionals. The only issue is that, in most cases, work systems can’t be accessed on personal machines, due to the sensitivity of the data.

This can be easily solved with a secure remote access solution. Patient data can be used without the fear of it being compromised. Furthermore, the medical professional can use the work machine as if they were in front of it. That means they can use the software on it without having to leave their home for something as simple as a prescription or updating a patient file.

Remote Vendor Access and Maintenance

We were discussing the sensitivity of the data the healthcare field handles. However, a wide range of equipment means a wide range of vendors. And said vendors will need to service or update those machines at times. Not to mention that they will need to use remote access in many cases, as they might be across the continent. 

But, if you want to maintain data security, you should give someone external as little access to your systems as possible. Providing them with access to everything is out of the question. 

A secure remote access solution with granular permissions is the solution. With RealVNC Connect, you can even disable functionality such as file transfer or copy and paste for a user or group.


Remote access software offers many benefits to the healthcare field, but this should not be at the expense of security. A secure remote access solution, like RealVNC Connect which, among other things, encrypts data so not even the remote access provider can access it, is a must. 

Embrace secure remote access and try RealVNC Connect for yourself. Get a free trial now!

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