Why More RealVNC Connect Customers Are Switching to Cloud Connections

RealVNC Connect's cloud connections make connecting to a remote device much easier and with significantly fewer configuration issues. Find out what the main advantages of RealVNC cloud connections are, as well as what drives our customers towards them.

Understanding RealVNC Connect Cloud Connections

RealVNC Connect cloud connections make sure that you have seamless remote access to your devices and systems, wherever they may be in the world. This is, however, done without any compromise when it comes to security.

Key Advantages of RealVNC Connect Cloud Connections

  1. Security: The same security standards you know and love about RealVNC Connect. These connections are extremely secure, convenient, and reliable. Most importantly, session data relayed via our cloud service is encrypted end-to-end. This means that it cannot be deciphered by anyone else (not even RealVNC).
  2. Simplified Configuration: Both machines need to be connected to the internet for cloud connections to be possible; RealVNC’s cloud service will then broker the connection. Once brokered, where possible, our cloud service negotiates a peer-to-peer session between two endpoints, so session data is transmitted directly between them. If something like intermediate network hardware makes this impossible, the cloud service automatically falls back to a relay session if necessary, making sure that the cloud connection succeeds.
  3. Extra features: Features such as Presence and Audit, available in RealVNC Connect 7, are only possible when using a cloud connection. We’ll talk about them some more below.

Making Life Easier with Cloud Connections

Features such as Presence and Audit make life much easier, especially for IT staff. They help them simplify complex processes. Let’s explore some key features in this regard:


Presence is a feature that does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows administrators to see which devices are online and available for remote access. And this, in real time. You can use the feature to quickly identify and resolve issues. This improves, in turn, productivity.


The Audit feature helps you get complex logging and reporting capabilities. It will keep records of every remote session. This can prove extremely valuable when reviewing what’s been done during a support session, for example. It can be essential when it comes to maintaining compliance.

Real-World Applications

With that said, let’s take a look at some of how our customers in various industries use RealVNC Connect cloud connections. Who knows, you might even be inspired to follow suit.

Here are a couple of great real-world examples:

Major Global Pharmaceutical Company

Our client, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, is switching from TeamViewer to us, and gave a dedicated team for this transition. This will effectively end their use of TeamViewer altogether.

There are several features that they liked in RealVNC Connect. However, they wanted On-Demand Assist for Vendor access. As this can only be done through Cloud, this is the solution they opted for, with SSO already configured.

A Leading Manufacturer of Packaging Machines

Our customer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of packaging machines, always had issues when they needed to use service technicians from machines outside their network. Here’s what, Philipp, our customer’s representative, had to say about the way our product made turn this issue into something from the past:

As an internationally active mechanical engineering company, we have always had challenges with service technicians outside the company network. The establishment of hybrid working extended these problems to the entire infrastructure. Thanks to RealVNC Cloud connections, the location of the end device no longer plays a role, and we can guarantee consistently good remote support.


Using cloud connections saves our customers a lot of time otherwise spent configuring, and also allows them to access devices all over the world with ease. This is a robust solution, catering to our customers’ needs, while maintaining complete security.

Want to find out more? Get in touch! Our colleagues are happy to discuss the best solution for your organization.

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