Remote desktop

Easily manage desktop devices with secure remote access.

Remote desktop

Expand your toolkit and gain freedom

Total device control

Easily monitor desktop systems from anywhere and maintain control.

Quickly resolve problems

Respond to issues by providing instant desktop support regardless of location.

Streamline training

Provide high-quality remote training, saving time and money.

Robust safety that protects remote desktop sessions

Security is at the core of VNC Connect and critical to safeguarding your organization against unsolicited access to remote desktop connections. Keep sessions safe with vigorous security options and authentication tools that give you complete control.


Nurture collaboration throughout your organization

Help your organization collaborate and boost the quality of your output with productivity tools built into VNC Connect. Securely grant different teams access to desktop devices from any location, helping bring cross-functional groups together no matter where they are to connect.


“ RealVNC remote access software so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof! ”

Michael Rath

User Support Analyst

Deploy a reliable solution for secure remote desktop connections

Compact and lightweight, VNC Connect delivers performance that removes frustrations for users. High-speed streaming and adjustable parameters allow your organization to administer high-quality, secure remote desktop sessions.


Trusted by leading IT teams worldwide


Massage Robotics

Using RealVNC software to accelerate robot programming Massage Robotics develops robots that use AI and machine-learning to prescribe and perform therapeutic massages. Founded by entrepreneur Christian Mackin in 2016, the California-based startup relies on RealVNC’s VNC Connect software to accelerate the programming and maintenance of its robots from locations around the world. The problem Innovative ... Read more



"RealVNC® remote access software is proving extremely useful in allowing our small helpdesk team to support staff located at sites around the whole of Poland."

Nataniel Zielinski, IT Architect/IT Administrator

Western Energy

Western Energy

"RealVNC® remote access software is so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof!"

Michael Rath, User Support Analyst

University of Miami

University of Miami

"RealVNC® remote access software has decreased the amount of downtime when our onboard systems do not perform properly, allowing us to increase the amount of time sampling."

Marc Peters, Technical Support

The Jalousie Plantation

The Jalousie Plantation

"Without RealVNC® remote access software we wouldn’t be able to multi-task as much as we do today in IT."

Shearvon Devenish, Information Systems Manager

Telesat Canada

Telesat Canada

"RealVNC® remote access software is such a valuable tool to us. I cannot even remember how we got along without it years ago!"

Wayne Hobbs, Satellite Control Network Analyst

Try remote access the secure way

Frequently asked questions

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VNC Connect can only be purchased with annual billing. Monthly billing is not available.

If you need to increase the number of licenses you’re using, you can do so in your RealVNC account. However, please contact Sales if you need to change your license type.

You can download VNC Server here. It’s the software to install on every computer you want to control.

You can download VNC Viewer here. It’s what you install on every desktop computer you want to control from. If you’re looking to control computers from a mobile device or to access a mobile device, search ‘RealVNC’ in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

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