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Set up a secure and seamless remote desktop in three easy steps with RealVNC.

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Gain freedom with feature-rich
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Total control with multi-platform compatibility

Total control of your devices and systems is easy with RealVNC’s accessible and compatible solution. RealVNC® Connect supports remote access across Mac, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi operating systems, as well as iPads, tablets, and iOS or Android mobile devices. With such broad compatibility, your organization can benefit from remote access no matter what devices or systems you use. RealVNC is also committed to backward compatibility, so there’s no need to buy expensive new technology to enjoy all its powerful features.

Accelerated issue resolution

High-performance connections and an easy, user-friendly system allow tech troubleshooting to be completed regardless of location. Whether your employees are remote or you have multiple office locations, one central IT team can use remote desktop access to swiftly diagnose and solve problems or provide customer support. This leads to increased productivity and employee satisfaction while limiting downtime and costs.

Nurture collaboration with high-performance remote working and training

The best remote desktop software should let you feel like you’re working in the same room as your remote device. VNC Connect supports high-speed streaming and auto-adjusts connections to your network speed to provide a smooth, reliable remote access desktop connection. With consistent uptimes of 99.9%, employees can always access remote desktops, increasing workplace contentment and efficiency. RealVNC Connect’s built-in productivity tools also boost satisfaction and the quality of your organization’s output. Remote workers can easily collaborate with screen recording, real-time chat, and in-session file sharing, which also support the creation of useful training resources.

Set up RealVNC’s remote desktop
software in three easy steps

Download the RealVNC Viewer remote desktop client

VNC Viewer and VNC Server work best together, allowing you to enjoy the best remote desktop software features, security, and connection from RealVNC Connect. 

Download the RealVNC remote desktop viewer on the device that you will use remotely. It’s easy to select the operating system of your device on the download page, and the RealVNC installer will walk you through the remote desktop client setup.

Sign in to your RealVNC Account and enjoy a 14-day free trial

The next step is to set up a RealVNC Account. Use your email and choose a strong password that has a minimum of eight characters. You can also choose to use two-factor authentication for added security. 

New users can also sign up for a free 14-day trial of VNC Connect when they set up their account.

Set up the RealVNC Server and connect

The final step is to download the VNC Server on the device that you’ll use for the remote desktop connection. As with the remote desktop client, you can select the correct operating system on the download page, and the installer will guide you through the simple setup steps.

Once you have successfully installed the remote desktop sharing software, you can sign into your account on both devices, start your remote connection, and enjoy all the benefits of remote desktop access.

Certifying security for remote
desktop apps

Critical to safeguarding your organization against unsolicited access to remote desktop connections, security is at the core of VNC Connect.

Cure53 Security Audit

In 2022, Cure53, a Berlin-based security consultancy, was engaged to perform a complete security audit, including VNC Server and VNC Viewer on all supported platforms as well as all backend services. We believe in transparency for our customers, especially in regard to vital security. The resulting security audit report showed a low number of non-critical issues in the code base – all of which were fixed by RealVNC and confirmed by Cure53.

Granular access controls

Granular authentication and access tools grant administrators complete control over individual users’ remote access to devices. The highly configurable options let you grant access permissions at group, role, or individual levels for access to specific devices, systems, or resources. 

Multi-factor authentication

To provide an extra layer of security, RealVNC supports multi-factor authentication for both your RealVNC account and the VNC Server remote desktop app. With easy setup on the Security page of your account, the multiple forms of verification prevent unauthorized access to your remote systems and devices.

High-quality encryption

Every RealVNC connection is treated as if it comes from a hostile environment, and you always decide who can connect to your remote access desktop. This is combined with up to 256-bit AES encryption for every session to ensure confidentiality and peace of mind.

Up-to-date software

RealVNC remains on the cutting edge of security with consistent updates and patches to guarantee that your remote access experiences remain secure amidst the ever-evolving threat landscape.


“ RealVNC remote access software so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof! ”

Michael Rath

User Support Analyst

Trusted by leading IT teams worldwide


100.3 FM

“Being able to operate in two markets is really important for our business. VNC Connect allows us to do this without needing to constantly drive between Timaru to Oamaru. This is a game changer for us.”

James Valentine


MiPi Support

"RealVNC® makes it really easy for me, from virtually anywhere, to use my phone or tablet to look into and fix a problem should something arise."

Matt Ireland, Founder

Massage Robotics

“At Massage Robotics we don’t write programs that simply tell the robots to go from one point to the next. We create algorithms fed by databases that allow our robots to devise new routines. With hundreds of lines of code in each robot, and thousands more lines based in the cloud, RealVNC is a game changing solution for us.”



"RealVNC® remote access software is proving extremely useful in allowing our small helpdesk team to support staff located at sites around the whole of Poland."

Nataniel Zielinski, IT Architect/IT Administrator

Western Energy

Western Energy

"RealVNC® remote access software is so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof!"

Michael Rath, User Support Analyst

University of Miami

University of Miami

"RealVNC® remote access software has decreased the amount of downtime when our onboard systems do not perform properly, allowing us to increase the amount of time sampling."

Marc Peters, Technical Support

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Remote Desktop FAQs

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With a remote desktop connection, users can access and control a computer or device remotely from another location. They can then interact with the remote desktop as if they were sitting in front of it. VNC Connect uses VNC Viewer and VNC Server to create its remote desktop connection.

A remote desktop can be used for remote working by giving employees access to office systems, files, and programs from home or while traveling. This increases productivity and employee satisfaction. RealVNC provides a secure and reliable remote desktop solution that makes granting remote access as easy as logging into your office computer. 

RealVNC can be set up on Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and Android devices. Select the device you want to use from the download page and follow the installation guide to quickly and easily set up a remote desktop on your device.

To access a RealVNC remote desktop, all you need to do is log into your RealVNC account. You can then select the remote desktop you want to access from the toolbar and get to work.

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