What is Secure Remote Access? The Ultimate Guide

Remote support engineer

Nothing could’ve prepared modern businesses for what 2024 already brought forth: cybersecurity threats, a widespread talent shortage, and the never-ending tech evolution. But what do all these challenges have in common? You guessed it – secure remote access – and here’s why: To tap into a broader talent pool, cut costs, or offer flexibility as … Read more

A Guide to Securing Remote Access Software 

Guide to securing remote access

This guide to securing remote access software, while written with a focus on RealVNC Connect, provides organizations with best practices that will also apply, at least in part, to other remote access solutions. As remote access becomes essential to the productivity and efficiency of many businesses, it’s important to understand the importance security has for such platforms, as well as the best practices to maintain it.  

Navigating Cloud Security Without FedRAMP Certification: Our Commitment through Alternative Security Measures

In the cloud technology landscape, security is a paramount concern, particularly for organizations engaged with government entities. While FedRAMP certification is a gold standard for cloud service providers (CSPs) serving U.S. federal agencies, not all organizations can bear the logistical and financial burdens of obtaining this certification. However, their capacity to offer robust, reliable cloud … Read more

What is server security?

server security

Server security refers to the measures taken to protect a server from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. It involves implementing various security practices and protocols to ensure that the server remains secure and its data is protected. But what is server security’s role in safeguarding your digital assets? This article offers an in-depth understanding of server security, its importance, common issues, and tips on improving it.