Guide to securing remote access

A Guide to Securing Remote Access Software 

This guide to securing remote access software, while written with a focus on RealVNC Connect, provides organizations with best practices that will also apply, at least in part, to other remote access solutions. As remote access becomes essential to the productivity and efficiency of many businesses, it’s important to understand the importance security has for such platforms, as well as the best practices to maintain it.  

We will also look at some of the essential findings of the “State of Remote Access Security 2023” report, to add further context to this guide. Look out for that, as well as some other great resources, at the end of the article.  

But, before we get to that, let’s return to the main purpose of this guide to securing remote access. Namely, let’s look at some of the essential measures for enhanced remote access security. Here’s what we’ll be covering.  

  1. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for Enhanced Security 

  1. Screen Blanking for Increased Privacy 

  1. Consistently Update Your RealVNC Connect Software for Secure Remote Access

  1. Monitor New Machine Connections 

  1. Regular Security Audits and Compliance Checks 

  1. Use Encryption for Remote Access Security

  1. Embrace Best Security Practices for Comprehensive Protection 

1. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for Enhanced Security 

Some people would say that this is an obvious one, in light of all the cybersecurity dangers that threaten corporate networks. However, there are still places where 2-step or multifactor verification isn’t one of the main security controls. Essentially, this is a security measure that bolsters security by requiring more than the standard password for access to be granted. It needs an additional code, usually provided by an app that only the user has access to.  

To ensure maximum security, the feature should be enabled, if possible, for all users of RealVNC Connect in your organization. Here’s how to enable 2-step verification.  

2. Screen Blanking for Increased Privacy 

Activating the screen blanking feature while connected to a machine running RealVNC Server goes a long way in keeping prying eyes away from sensitive data on your corporate network. It’s a simple, yet effective, way to protect privacy and secure data during remote sessions. Furthermore, the screen blanking feature has been improved in a recent update.  

Here’s how to set up and use screen blanking.  

3. Consistently Update Your RealVNC Connect Software for Secure Remote Access

The digital world is facing new threats regularly. To counter these, it’s crucial to keep your RealVNC Connect software (as well as all your other software), up to date. Regular updates don’t just add new features to the software. More importantly, they include the latest security patches and fixes. This is a key defense mechanism against potential vulnerabilities, helping you keep your organization secure against the latest threats. 

Make sure you access the release notes page. Also, you can download the latest versions here

4. Monitor New Machine Connections 

Keeping a close eye on devices connecting is critical for maintaining secure remote access. RealVNC Connect remote access makes this easy by sending email notifications containing session details each time a new machine connects. unless 2-step verification is enabled. Reviewing these notifications and verifying that each remote access connection is legitimate and authorized is very important. This approach helps identify and stop unauthorized access promptly, even if someone should manage to get hold of your credentials. 

5. Regular Security Audits and Compliance Checks 

Regular security audits and compliance checks are critical for a remote access provider, with cyber threats becoming increasingly complex every day. This is why you should be able to trust the security of your remote access provider. And said security should be proven by more than just words. 

RealVNC can prove its robust security standards, with measures like an independent white box audit undertaken by Cure53, its ISO27001 Certification, as well as annual penetration testing.  

Find out more about the reasons why your data is secure with us on the dedicated Security page.  

6. Use Encryption for Remote Access Security

 The use of strong encryption is non-negotiable for safeguarding data transmitted between devices. RealVNC Connect utilizes full end-to-end encryption to secure every connection, preventing interception of sensitive information. Remote sessions are encrypted with AES-GCM 128 or 256-bit, and all web calls use at least TLS 1.2. This makes sure that no one, RealVNC included, can decrypt your data.  

 It’s essential to make sure that your remote access solution is configured to use the highest level of encryption available, to further mitigate risks. This ensures that your data travels securely across the internet to and from remote systems. 

Guide to securing remote access secure passwords

7. Embrace Best Security Practices for Comprehensive Protection 

While the specific measures outlined in this guide to securing remote access are mostly for securing your RealVNC Connect experience, general security best practices are equally important. This includes making sure that you’re using unique, strong passwords for different accounts, changed periodically to reduce the risk of them being compromised. Strong login credentials are always an extra layer of protection.

Just as important, make sure that you’re constantly educating users about potential security threats and how to mitigate risks, including phishing attempts and social engineering tactics. As the human factor is generally the weakest link when it comes to compromising systems, a well-informed user base is an important part of a comprehensive security strategy. This will help all users, and especially remote users, recognize and avoid potential threats. 

Additional Remote Access Security Resources 

To gain a more comprehensive insight into the importance of securing remote access, we recommend checking out the “State of Remote Access Security 2023” report. This detailed report contains a wide range of information about the current state of the remote access landscape, also offering a lots of insights and practical recommendations for secure remote access. These are based on thorough industry research and an analysis of current trends, helping you navigate the current remote access challenges effectively. 

You can also get some more great tips for securing remote access from our “How to stay safe with remote access in 5 easy steps” webinar

Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by being informed about the latest security trends and recommendations. This will help you ensure continuous protection of your data and systems. 

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