Navigating Cloud Security Without FedRAMP Certification: Our Commitment through Alternative Security Measures

In the cloud technology landscape, security is a paramount concern, particularly for organizations engaged with government entities. While FedRAMP certification is a gold standard for cloud service providers (CSPs) serving U.S. federal agencies, not all organizations can bear the logistical and financial burdens of obtaining this certification. However, their capacity to offer robust, reliable cloud solutions prioritizing security remains the same. In this blog post, we will explore the distinct security initiatives undertaken by RealVNC, how they align with or exceed the stringent measures required by FedRAMP, and, ultimately, how we deliver unparalleled security in cloud services and offline connectivity.

Pioneering with a Cure53 Report: A Testament to Our Security

The Cure53 Report represents our commitment to absolute transparency and robust security in our software development practices. This independent security audit involves meticulously examining our codebase and identifying and fixing potential vulnerabilities. By subjecting ourselves to such rigorous testing, we assure our customers of the secure nature of our solutions, giving them a level of confidence that resonates with the assurance provided by FedRAMP certification.

In the spirit of helping to create a safer digital ecosystem, we call upon our peers in the remote access CSP community to adopt a similar approach to white box auditing. Sharing our experience, we highlight how this level of transparency contributes significantly to enhancing overall security standards across our industry.

ISO27001 Certification: Upholding International Security Standards

Achieving ISO27001 certification demonstrates our allegiance to global best practices in information security management. This internationally recognized standard affirms our dedication to establishing, implementing, continually improving, and rigorously maintaining an information security management system (ISMS). This means our security management processes meet international benchmarks for our customers, providing a secure harbor for their sensitive information.

Annual Penetration Testing: Our Proactive Defense Strategy

Our commitment to security doesn’t end with external validations; it extends into continuous vigilance. By conducting annual penetration tests, we actively seek out and address vulnerabilities within our systems before they can be exploited. This practice mirrors the continuous monitoring phase of the FedRAMP process, showcasing our proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing our defenses.

Bridging the Gap: Our Strategy for Competing on Equal Footing

Without FedRAMP certification, our strategy pivots on leveraging these significant security initiatives to compete effectively in a marketplace that highly values data protection. We emphasize the comprehensiveness and rigor of our security measures in all our communications, drawing similarities between our initiatives and the security controls FedRAMP mandates. Furthermore, by fostering partnerships with FedRAMP-certified providers, we offer combined solutions that meet and exceed the security expectations of federal agencies, thereby indirectly fulfilling the FedRAMP requirements.

Our Pledge to Unwavering Security

In summary, while FedRAMP certification is undeniably an essential marker of trust and security in cloud services for U.S. federal agencies, it is not the sole indicator of a provider’s commitment to safeguarding data. Through our security initiatives—the Cure53 Report, ISO27001 certification, and our annual penetration tests—we demonstrate an unwavering dedication to upholding the highest security standards, offering peace of mind to our customers as compelling as that provided by FedRAMP-certified entities.

Our approach shows that even without FedRAMP certification, CSPs can still offer robust, secure, and trustworthy services. Your security is our ultimate priority. Contact us to learn more about how our cloud solutions safeguard your most valuable data.

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