What is a remote access VPN?

remote access vpn

As more and more companies switch to remote or hybrid work models, the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has become increasingly popular. A Remote Access VPN provides a secure, encrypted tunnel between the user and the company network, allowing remote employees access to confidential data without compromising security.

A guide to secure remote access

remote desktop RealVNC VNC Connect

Secure remote access has become essential for a lot of companies. And this, especially after remote or hybrid work is now the norm. Remote resources need constant accessing, but not at the expense of security.

Three Ways Integrating Single Sign-On Can Improve Remote Access Security

Single sign-on SSO VNC Connect RealVNC

Historically, I’d tell you that a Single Sign-On (SSO) platform is far more beneficial as productivity enhancement to an organization than something that improves security.  The reason is simple: SSO is about connecting users to multiple applications via a single user account.  In a world where cybersecurity best practices demand that users have unique passwords … Read more

A guide to end to end encryption (e2ee)

Guide to end to end encryption e2ee

End to end encryption, as well as why it is essential for your data security, are the main topics of this article. We’ll talk about the meaning of e2ee, but also about how VNC Connect uses end to end encryption.

VNC® Server mobile app receives MASA validation

RealVNC VNC Connect MASA validation

We’re happy to share yet another RealVNC first. VNC Server for Mobile is the first remote access app to successfully undertake the MASA process. Find out more about the process, and how this further certifies the security of your data, below.

Just How Secure Is RDP Over the Internet?

Just How Secure is RDP over the Internet VNC Connect

With so many organizations still enabling some part of their employees to work remotely using Microsoft’s native built-in remote access tool, the question becomes: “Is it actually secure?”