The Best Features of Remote Desktop Software and the Top 10 Options Today

There are many reasons why you might need to access a computer remotely: customer support, retrieving files while out of the office, and screen-sharing for team projects, among others. Remote desktop software lets you do this quickly and securely—but which is the best solution? In this post, we’ll discuss the use cases for remote desktop … Read more

How to Build and Manage Distributed Teams

The increase in remote work has led many organizations to shift towards using distributed teams. While these have their benefits, there are also associated challenges that must be overcome. We’re going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of distributed teams, and then lay out our top tips that’ll help you … Read more

Bridging the Gaps of Remote Team Collaboration

Remote team collaboration allows you to realize the many benefits of using remote workers and distributed teams. It’s not always a walk in the park, however. We’re going to look at some of the challenges associated with remote team collaboration, and then investigate some of the tools and best practices you can use to overcome … Read more

7 Practical Tips for Call Center Agents Working from Home

The future of work is here. It isn’t, as some in the past had predicted, a high-tech futuristic office. Instead, it’s somewhere much more familiar; your living room, home office, or even kitchen. Ten years ago, few could have predicted the recent move towards remote work. Today, almost all departments are embracing the approach—customer service … Read more

8 Must-Know Tips for Building Remote Teams That Thrive

No matter which department you work in, one thing is clear: the workplace is changing. Across the globe, workers are abandoning the office in favor of their home working environment. In fact, 31% of employers now allow employees to work remotely.   It’s not hard to see why; remote work brings many benefits. With fewer people … Read more

A Look Back at RealVNC’s 2023 Milestones: The Yearly Roundup

A Look Back at RealVNC's 2023 Milestones: The Yearly Roundup

 2023 unfolded with a host of exciting enhancements to the RealVNC Connect software, as anticipated. Aside from that, we hosted a contest showcasing the creative side of our users. Plus, we offered an in-depth analysis of the remote access industry. Dive in to explore the significant landmarks that defined RealVNC’s year.

With that said, let’s dive into some of the most important moments of what has been a very busy year here at RealVNC. 

Why You Need Remote Compliance Management Solutions

If you run even a small business, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to work your way through the complex maze of regulations, laws, and policies that are designed to protect customer privacy and secure your data.  Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to legal trouble and potentially crippling fines, ruining … Read more

Balancing Accessibility and Security in Remote Desktop Access

There’s no doubt that the days of the classic office are behind us. Working remotely allows your employees to have greater flexibility while maintaining their productivity levels and remote desktop access is one tool that supports the modern workplace. Remote access allows your employees to work from home while ensuring that they still have access … Read more

The Future of Remote Work: Domain Hosting and VNC Software

Single sign-on SSO VNC Connect RealVNC

As the trend towards remote work continues, many organizations are adopting technologies which can empower their remote teams to perform as well as if they were working in-house. We’re going to take a look at two of these technologies, but first we’re going to examine what the future of remote work looks like, and what … Read more