A Look Back at RealVNC’s 2023 Milestones: The Yearly Roundup

A Look Back at RealVNC's 2023 Milestones: The Yearly Roundup

 2023 unfolded with a host of exciting enhancements to the RealVNC Connect software, as anticipated. Aside from that, we hosted a contest showcasing the creative side of our users. Plus, we offered an in-depth analysis of the remote access industry. Dive in to explore the significant landmarks that defined RealVNC’s year.

With that said, let’s dive into some of the most important moments of what has been a very busy year here at RealVNC. 

How to send CTRL-ALT-Delete using a remote desktop?

Ctrl Alt Del

There might be times when you need to open Task Manager on a remote desktop or terminate a remote desktop that needs starting up. This functionality is particularly useful for IT teams managing multiple devices. In this article, we’ll discuss several methods to send the CTRL-ALT-Delete command on a remote desktop, depending on the operating system you’re using.

What is a Remote Viewer and How to Find the Best Software

Remote viewing has become an essential tool for anyone who needs to access and control a computer or network remotely. With the right remote viewer software, you can easily access files, software, and other resources from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

A guide to end to end encryption (e2ee)

Guide to end to end encryption e2ee

End to end encryption, as well as why it is essential for your data security, are the main topics of this article. We’ll talk about the meaning of e2ee, but also about how VNC Connect uses end to end encryption.

VNC® Connect 7 is here!

VNC Connect 7

VNC Connect v. 7.0.0 is here, bringing with it lots of under-the-hood improvements. The new version also gets things ready for exciting things to come this year.