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How RealVNC customers experienced 2022 and what’s next

We're at the end of a very exciting year for both RealVNC and our customers. What follows is a look back at the year through a RealVNC customer's eyes.

Let’s see, then,  how all the RealVNC news and events of 2022 have been for them. 

RealVNC turns 20

“It would seem like I’ve been working with RealVNC for a very long time, so much has VNC Connect become a fabric of our daily life. We’ve been using it for a long time to support our users and to fix things. Even so, 20 years is a very long time for a software company. And especially the one that has created VNC technology. It’s a great moment and I’ve enjoyed reading about 20 years of RealVNC.”

Meeting RealVNC at Infosecurity Europe 2022

“We were present at Infosecurity Europe 2022, checking out some of the security products on offer. It was a bit surprising to run into RealVNC at the event, as I never thought of them as a security company.

However, after listening to one of their talks, their presence has started making a lot of sense to me. RealVNC’s presence at Infosecurity Europe 2022 was showcasing its security-centric approach. RealVNC was truly challenging the industry to put its money where its mouth was when it came to security.

This was done, among other things, by showing the results of a comprehensive white-box audit by Cure 53. We were happy to see that our data is in safe hands when we’re using their remote access solution. It would also be nice for other companies to prove that they are secure with something other than words.”

VNC Server for Mobile – supporting the mobile workforce

“As employees become more mobile, we find that our mobile device fleet is also growing. The problem is that a lot of tasks that needed a computer in the past are now performed via an app. And if there’s an app, there will be a user who needs some support with it. 

Therefore, we were very happy when we found out about the release of VNC Server for Mobile. Whenever a user calls with an issue related to their smartphone, our support guys can connect and see their screen. They can then quickly tell them what to do and get them back to work in no time. And the app is quite easy to use, too!”

Screen blanking, to keep data away from prying eyes 

“A lot of the data that our employees deal with is confidential. However, our IT support department still needs to do work on those machines, update them or install software. 

This is why we welcomed the VNC Connect update that added improved screen blanking.

The URI handler is also very helpful. Sessions can now be launched from other software, such as a web browser. That saves time that we would use to instruct users. That time can now be spent supporting them.”

API Access – data that’s easier to manage

“We’ve requested this, so we were happy to see API Access implemented in VNC Connect. Like any large company, we have an ever-changing fleet of devices. This makes tasks like managing licenses difficult. 

We can now have a better overview of our devices and we can also manage them more efficiently.”

Device management with RPort

“We use remote access daily to perform various tasks on our fleet of devices. However, these tasks sometimes seem to get quite repetitive and, most of all, time-consuming. 

This is why RPort being acquired by RealVNC sounds very promising to us. The idea of managing devices quickly and easily, and only remoting into them when you need to perform a specific task, sounds great. 

We’re excited to see what happens to the product in the future and how it will integrate with VNC Connect. Just as excited as we are to see what VNC Connect updates will include in 2023.“

Season’s greetings and a happy 2023! 

Whether you’re looking at things from a customer’s perspective or our “inside RealVNC” one, 2022 was a great year for us at RealVNC. But we promise that 2023 will be even better! 

In the meantime, from all of us at RealVNC, season’s greetings and a fantastic 2023!

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