Upcoming keynote: Is your organization vulnerable to poor remote access security?

Our upcoming keynote at Infosec World 2022 takes place on Tuesday, 27th of September. RealVNC's CIO, Andrew Woodhouse, will present between 9:30-9:45 AM EDT in Tech Solutions Theatre 2. The keynote is titled: "Is your organization vulnerable to poor, remote access security?". Read more in this blog.
RealVNC Infosecurity World CIO Andrew Woodhouse

As Infosec World is only days change away, we want to ensure that you don’t miss any essential information. Check out our announcement blog for more details on our attendance.

We will be exhibiting at this event to share our message regarding secure remote access and what poor security measures can mean for your business. With security at the core of our internal development processes, we understand what excellent security looks like.

An important conclusion of the Verizon report from earlier this year is that 80% of data breaches involved an external threat actor. ‘Desktop sharing software’ came up as a common theme as part of data breach attacks – Verizon defined this as “Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and third-party software that allows users to remotely access another computer via the Internet.” It’s critical for a business to know how to deploy a secure remote access solution.

Our very own CIO, Andrew Woodhouse, will deliver a keynote on knowing if your business is truly protected against external threats when using a remote access solution. Regardless of what tool your organization uses, external software poses a vulnerability. We have plenty of great resources within our blog that talk about ways you can ensure you are safe.

Keynote details

Whether you are anticipating coming and seeing us or just wandering the floors of Infosec World, here is all you need to know:

Keynote Title: Is your organization vulnerable to poor, remote access security?

Date: Tuesday, September 27th 2022

Time: 9:30 am – 9:45 am EDT

Room: Tech Solutions Theatre 2 (in Expo)

Link to the event page:


Where to find us at Infosec World

Infosec World is taking place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, between September 26-282022. You can find a complete list of details directly at the Infosec World website.

You can locate RealVNC at stand #724.

How do you know if your remote access tool is actually secure?

You don’t. Not unless your vendor can prove it. RealVNC recently engaged with Berlin-based security consultancy Cure53 to perform a complete white-box security audit, and the summary report is available to download here. It’s important to have transparent security so that your organization can see that VNC Connect is a secure remote access tool and know that it is.

We will be talking more about this at the event, and we’ll also discuss our fundamental security principles.

Extra resources your business will find useful 

We constantly provide information to help your company stay safe with remote access through our blog. VNC Connect protects you by default; however, it would help if you also considered other security measures – here are three extra resources sure to get your business a suit of armor when using remote access:

  1. Watch our ‘How to stay safe with remote access in 5 easy steps’ webinar– our experts teach five essential practices to improve your organization’s remote access security and protect it from external threats. And if you do not fancy watching it, here is an excellent guide for you to read instead, with considerations you can action.

Click here to watch.

  1. Read our blog on ‘Why your remote access solution’s own security really matters’ – knowing the solution you employ is truly secure should be a critical part of your security strategy; this blog will give your business a solid understanding of third-party remote access solutions and how they provide access to internal resources and elevated privileges.

Click here to read.

3. Download our security whitepaper – this in-depth guide dives into the measures we take to ensure VNC Connect remote access sessions are as secure as possible. The whitepaper covers four key security topics:

1. security architecture

2. cloud infrastructure

3. client security

4. development procedures

Click here to download.

Finally, don’t forget that we recently launched RealVNC Server for Mobile. RealVNC’s VNC Server for Mobile further extends the functionality of VNC Connect, letting your business quickly and securely connect to and view mobile devices from anywhere. We’ll discuss it at the exhibition, and we will also be able to provide you with live demos.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The RealVNC Team



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