Integrating RealVNC Remote Access Solutions for Education

Integrating RealVNC Remote Access for Education with Current IT Systems: A Guide

Remote access solutions for education can be very useful to educational institutions. That is, if their integration with current school IT systems is a seamless one. RealVNC features for academic institutions couldn't be easier to put in place.

Let’s look at integrating remote access software, and creating secure learning environments. 

The Potential of Remote Access in Educational Environments

We already discussed the many benefits of remote access solutions in schools. They included simplified classroom management, effective communication, and cost-effectiveness. 

We also talked about the ways classroom management tools can revolutionize education. A huge advantage has been demonstrated during the pandemic. Namely, that they can ensure learning continuity in critical situations. 

Last but not least, we looked into the ways RealVNC Connect can help bridge the gap between knowledge and accessibility

While that may sound great, it won’t be too helpful if the solution is a complicated one to integrate. As you’ll find out, RealVNC Connect can easily become part of the tools you use in your educational institution, making your life much easier. 

Integrating RealVNC with Educational IT Systems

As mentioned above, you can have great remote access software for education, but it won’t be too helpful if integration is difficult. 

Here are some of the reasons why both IT and teaching staff, as well as students, will find it easy to add RealVNC Connect to their arsenal of tools:

  1. Multiplatform Remote Access
  2. Easy Deployment of RealVNC Connect in School Systems
  3. Secure Virtual Learning Environments and Data
  4. Easy Access to School Resources for Students and Staff
  5. Great IT Support Options for BYOD  School Environments

But let’s look at all of these in order. 

1. Multiplatform Remote Access 

One of the biggest concerns for IT staff, when choosing remote software for education, is multiplatform support. Will it work with the devices in the current IT estate? 

Well, when using RealVNC for education, there’s no reason to be concerned about platform support. Whether your educational institution uses Windows, macOS, Linux, or even mobile devices, we got you covered. The cross-platform solution makes it all a breeze.

2. Easy Deployment of RealVNC Connect in School Systems

Installing on a large number of devices can make things very complicated for school IT staff. But not when you can easily deploy the remote access software, making initial setup a breeze. 

3. Secure Virtual Learning Environments and Data

You can’t understate the importance of security for remote access in education. RealVNC Connect is a solution built with security at its heart. It adheres to RealVNC’s four security principles:

  • High-trust services – You don’t have to trust RealVNC as a company to trust our software and services
  • Secure data storage – We do not record your sessions, and data cannot be decrypted now or in the future
  • Secure environment – Every connection is treated as though it is made in a hostile environment
  • Connection control – The owner of the remote computer ultimately decides who can connect

RealVNC Connect is an ISO27001-certified solution. It also not only claims to be secure; it can prove it through regular white box audits

All of this, is to make sure that student and school data remain private.

4. Easy Access to School Resources for Students and Staff

Accessing learning resources couldn’t be easier with RealVNC Connect. And this, both in the classroom and in a remote learning environment.

In the classroom, students can easily see the classroom whiteboard on their tablets or laptops. This also helps create a more inclusive learning environment for visually impaired students.

When learning from home, the software allows easy and secure access to school resources. These can be stored on machines in the school. School staff can then manage permissions, deciding who has access to what resources.

5. Great IT Support Options for BYOD School Environments

BYOD and hybrid environments can be a nightmare when technicians need to access a machine to support staff or students. Not with RealVNC Connect; you can use Device Access, for the machines you need to access constantly. However, On-Demand Assist comes in handy for the times when you just need to access a device once, to quickly support a user. A few simple steps and you can provide help.

Easy Integration with School Resources

In the field of educational technology, RealVNC Connect is a strong and secure solution for schools’ remote learning and IT management challenges. Its multiplatform support, easy deployment, secure virtual learning environments, access to school resources, and IT support make it a valuable tool for schools in the digital age. Using RealVNC Connect can enhance the learning experience for all, ensuring continuous and inclusive learning. 

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