RealVNC Connect in Education Knowledge Accessibility

RealVNC Connect in Education: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Accessibility

Educational institutions need to find a way to bridge the gap between knowledge and accessibility, all this while making sure that they provide an accessible environment for both students and teachers. The solution is utilizing the appropriate technology – remote access for education. RealVNC Connect gives schools the means to do so.

Continuing our series of remote access in education articles, we look at some of how knowledge and accessibility can be brought closer together. We’ve already discussed the potential of remote access in schools and how remote classroom management tools revolutionize education.  

Why Remote Access Solutions for Education?

Think of a world in which there are no geographical limits to educational opportunities, where every student can have limitless access to a wealth of learning resources. This can become a reality with RealVNC Connect; the remote access solution helps classrooms transcend physical limitations, opening the door for truly creative learning experiences.

The shift towards remote access solutions is a necessary step for today’s learning environments. Using software like RealVNC Connect for education not only empowers long-distance learning but also ensures that remote classrooms benefit from security and efficiency. Furthermore, the fact that it is cost-effective and has a flexible licensing model makes it a solution for any educational institution, irrespective of size and circumstances.

Integrating RealVNC Connect with Educational IT Systems

The true game-changer part is the way RealVNC Connect can integrate with existing educational IT systems. The transition to remote learning and remote management of IT systems can, therefore, be a seamless one, without technical hiccups.

What this means for schools is:

  • Easy deployment: You can deploy the software effortlessly across a school network; this minimizes downtime during installation and makes sure that teachers, students, and IT staff can all hit the ground running;
  • Enhanced Remote Access Security: The educational sector has stringent security requirements, and so it should be, as it handles student data, among other things. RealVNC Connect is built with security at its heart, making sure that secure data remains that way;
  • Scalability: remote access security software for education needs to scale as your educational institution grows in size and complexity. RealVNC Connect’s unparalleled scalability, both in terms of licensing and usage, enables you to seamlessly expand your remote access capabilities. Should you need to accommodate a larger number of devices and users, you can do so without compromising security or functionality. As your needs evolve, you can scale up as required. Also, our staff will be with you every step of the way.

RealVNC Connect in Education: Real-Life Examples

You don’t need to believe us. Our customer success stories are testimony of what RealVNC Connect can do for the educational sector. Here are a couple of examples:

School District Support

The Kyrene School District uses RealVNC remote access software so that an IT team of 20 can provide IT support to 3,000 staff and 19,000 students located at any of the schools in the district. This has significantly reduced ticket throughput, as issues are mostly resolved immediately.

Assisting Visually Impaired Students

Cardinal Newman Catholic School needed to support a 12-year-old student who is severely visually impaired (VI) to view content on the digital whiteboard from his seat without drawing attention to his disability. He was using a different, discontinued, solution. Following a trial of RealVNC Connect and teaching staff working with RealVNC’s Sales and Support staff, the student could view the whiteboard on an iPad, facilitating his learning process, as well as the work of the teaching staff. Find out more here.

University Research Collaboration

Research is an essential component of some educational institutions. Part of the University of Miami, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is one of the world’s leading academic oceanographic and atmospheric research institutions.

Instruments installed onboard several boats, which travel constantly around the world, make research possible. To troubleshoot and maintain these systems, RealVNC Connect software has been installed on them. Before this, when there was an issue, a member of staff would need to travel to the boat in question. That is no longer the case with RealVNC Connect.

What’s Next?

Integrating RealVNC Connect into your education environment can bring a host of benefits, both for teachers and school IT staff. Our next article in this series will look at the way RealVNC Connect software can be easily integrated into educational IT systems, to create a modern and flexible learning environment.  In the meantime, feel free to take a trial of RealVNC Connect and see for yourself!

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