RealVNC Infosecurity Europe 2022 interview

They came for the ducks, and they stayed for the talks – RealVNC at Infosecurity Europe 2022

Many things come to mind when thinking of RealVNC. Secure remote access software is probably the first one. But... ducks? Infosecurity Europe 2022 was a huge success, and we have plenty to tell you.

RealVNC at Infosecurity Europe 2022

Infosecurity Europe is one of the most important cybersecurity events in the world. This year’s edition has been no exception; no less than 370 exhibitors were present, and, despite the tube strikes, participation was numerous.

While VNC Connect is not a cybersecurity product, we at RealVNC had good reasons to be present. Our solution offers secure remote access in a product that’s secure by design. We were there to help organizations define a remote access strategy that helps keep their business safe from external threats.

We wanted to show companies that we put our money where our mouth is regarding security. Our company has challenged users to ask their software providers for proof of their solution’s protection – this is why we’ve recently opened our doors to a comprehensive white-box security audit by Cure53.

The report, which you can read a summary of here, confirms our strong security stance. RealVNC is the first remote access solution provider to have such an initiative that backs security claims with more than just words.

In the words of our CIO, Andrew Woodhouse:

“It’s not enough for software vendors to say they’re secure. They need to prove they’re secure.”

During the three days of the show, our experts held some great talks about the ways we keep your data out of harm’s way. They also discussed staying safe with remote access, the differences between RDP and secure remote access, and much more.

RealVNC Infosecurity Europe 2022 talks cybersecurity

And the best bit is that you don’t have to feel like you missed out. Suppose you could not attend the event – our on-demand webinar will show you five essential practices to improve your organization’s remote access security and protect you from external threats.  

In this webinar, our team talks about: 

  • Encryption
  • Authentication methods
  • Advantages of Cloud-brokered connections 
  • The importance of policies (centralized management AND staff) 
  • The importance of remote access vendor transparency

You can access the on-demand webinar right here.

The four types of visitors at RealVNC’s Infosecurity Europe 2022 stand

The broad range of topics attracted many visitors to our stand, both old and new friends of RealVNC. 

#1. New friends, new potential partners 

Some visitors were curious or intrigued by our presence at the event. They initially came to our stand to discuss what we have in common with cybersecurity – many became interested in what we could do for them from a secure remote access perspective. According to the latest Verizon report on data breaches, 82% of breaches involve human elements – that is to say, a significant vulnerability for all organizations is you and I, a topic that was discussed in-depth by our security experts. Our new friends were fascinated by the current state of remote access in modern-day data breaches.

RealVNC Infosecurity Europe 2022 cybersecurity talks

#2. Old friends that we got reacquainted with

 “I’ve used you in the past, I loved the solution”. 

Many attendees and exhibitors started the conversation with a variation of this at our stand. With twenty years of RealVNC existence, we were not surprised to greet old friends, people we reacquainted with at Infosec 2022. They liked the features but were even more impressed by the security initiatives we have delivered and what we have planned for the future. How can you stay up-to-date with RealVNC’s latest developments? Join our email list right here.

#3. Current friends – people that currently use our product

We have a great relationship with our customers. Many VNC Connect users joined our events and made great suggestions for future product developments. The imaginative ways our enterprise clients use our secure remote access solution to make their lives and customers’ lives easier never fail to surprise us. We encourage you to check out our case studies page to see the many life-changing stories in which remote access solves problems in today’s world.

RealVNC Infosecurity Europe 2022 ducks

#4. Rubber duck enthusiasts

Please don’t worry; we haven’t lost our mind! The ducks do exist.

If you’ve never visited RealVNC at an event, you might not know that branded rubber ducks at events are a company tradition. They’re always at our stand and, inevitably, in the houses of those visiting us.

Infosecurity Europe was no exception. Quite a few people came to the stand to ask for one (or the whole collection, as we had them in four different colors). Some visitors knew the tradition and visited to ask about this keepsake.

However, they all had one thing in common – they came for the ducks and stayed for the talks.

No matter their reason for being at the stand, many attendees were happy to find out that remote access doesn’t have to constitute a worry when it comes to security. You can also find out more on the subject here.

Final Infosecurity Europe 2022 conclusions

We loved meeting everyone, and we value security. VNC Connect is a remote access solution that exemplifies what it takes to protect organizations from themselves and other bad actors.

We want you to ask yourself a key question: “How secure is my remote access tool?”

We’ll no doubt be seeing you at Infosecurity 2023.

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