Counteracting Remote Access MITRE Threat Actions with VNC

remote access MITRE threat actions VNC Connect

Without some form of remote access, threat actors conducting a cyberattack simply wouldn’t succeed. Threat actors leverage remote access services at a number of points within an attack, making it an important – and perhaps necessary – part of a cyberattack. So, how can you plan and prop up a defense against attacks?

The 7 most important remote access software considerations

Remote access is a versatile tool with many different capabilities and uses across industries. At their core, remote desktop programs will generally have the same basic functionality – the ability to share your screen, or view another – but there are a whole host of other features that can improve your experience.

How remote desktop helps schools deliver outstanding online education

Remote desktop is helping students of all ages around the world learn from home. Whether it’s allowing IT technicians to improve support by troubleshooting problems without needing to travel or making the curriculum more accessible for pupils who have complex needs, the software brings significant cost and time savings to schools and universities.

5 reasons why remote working is the future

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for…a while, you’ve probably heard of remote working. You might’ve heard it’s the next big thing, it’s what the millennial workforce craves, and it’s changing the future of work – but the buzz around the trend sometimes overshadows its tangible benefits

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