The Surprising Ways Our Customers Use RealVNC Connect for Android

RealVNC Connect for Android has opened a lot of opportunities across many industries. Here are some of the innovative ways in which large global organizations make use of our product. 

Android is omnipresent. The operating system runs on a wide range of devices, and many of our customers use it to make their lives easier in combination with RealVNC Connect for Android. Our product, and particularly its Android Control feature, has opened many interesting opportunities. And this, in fields as diverse as hospitality and manufacturing.   

As always, the creative and innovative ways in which our customers use our product are a very pleasant surprise to us here at RealVNC. We’ll continue to tell you about some of the most interesting customer stories on the RealVNC blog. Some of them will certainly inspire you to also improve the way your organization works. 

Revolutionizing Hospitality

The hospitality industry, especially fast-food chains, is using Android tablets significantly more, as a simple way of improving its operations and efficiency.  

Android devices are easy to integrate and flexible when it comes to the way in which they can be used. By using these devices, customers can enjoy much shorter waiting times, leading in turn to increased sales. All this contributes to a much-enhanced customer experience.

An Innovative Approach from a Fast-Food Giant

A great example of this shift to Android is one of our customers’ innovative approach. The company, one of the biggest names in the US in fast-food, has extensively adopted Android devices, including tablets, Zebra scanners and Zebra printers. With the help of these devices, drive-in orders can now be managed remotely.  

This hybrid approach, which is in pilot stage, has optimized operations. Not only that, but it brings a new level of flexibility to workforce management. It’s a great example of adaptability to the conditions of what is an everchanging market.  

Here’s what Brandon, our customer’s representative, had to say about their approach:

As our infrastructure grows in complexity and our volume of endpoints increases, our need for an open-source operating system becomes crucial to continued growth. Shifting to Android OS gives us this flexibility, in addition to better customization, a wider variety of hardware options and lower costs per device to help aid in our growth.

Streamlining Remote Troubleshooting in Manufacturing

A Large Global Manufacturing Organization

One of the world’s largest manufacturing organizations, as well as a RealVNC customer, was facing a very annoying issue. They constantly needed to access Android devices remotely. However, most times there wasn’t a colleague available to facilitate said connection. On a manufacturing floor, where things happen very quickly, having to get someone every time you need to connect just isn’t a viable option.  

This is where RealVNC Connect steps in. Our software has been a gamechanger for the company, as their staff can now troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely. This helps reduce downtime significantly, improving the continuity of their production process. 

The Lab Access Solution

Similarly, a customer specializing in chemical solutions, discovered the value of using RealVNC Connect for accessing mobile devices in their labs.

Having this ability makes uninterrupted access to and maintenance of critical lab devices much easier. This need was so pressing that the decision to move to RealVNC Connect from BeyondTrust has been a very simple one.

A Mobile Future

RealVNC Connect’s Android Control feature is an invaluable asset across a wide range of sectors. Be it in hospitality, manufacturing, research or many other fields, there is a use for it everywhere. As industries and companies evolve, the need to access and troubleshoot mobile devices evolves as well. And our software is there to make companies’ lives much easier. 

Is your organization searching for reliable, efficient, and versatile remote access tool? One that’s multiplatform and can support all the devices your company uses? And all this, without any compromise when it comes to security? 

Get in touch today and see how RealVNC Connect can help! 

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