VNC Connect and architects can have a beautiful friendship

Architecture is a very special field, with particular software tools. Luckily, VNC Connect's flexibility can make an architect's life much easier. It does this by making sure they have access to all they need in a quick and easy fashion and wherever they may be.
Architect presenting project to a group of managers

Dan’s story tells us how a beautiful friendship can develop between VNC Connect™️ and architects.

Work software and collaboration from anywhere

Dan works for a large architecture firm. With the changes happening over the last few years, he sometimes works from home. Dan’s major issue is that his firm uses some bespoke software, which only runs on a couple of office machines. Furthermore, like any artistic spirit, Dan gets some of his best ideas at 3 AM.
Luckily for Dan, he has VNC Viewer installed on his laptop. The office machines also run VNC ServerTherefore, accessing them directly and working as if he were in the office will not be a problem at all.
And what do you know? It’s 3 AM again and Dan has finally figured out how to partition his client’s first floor. He jumps on his computer, accesses the work machine and he’s back in bed by 5 AM. He even leaves it open, so his colleagues get the message and don’t wake him up by calling him at 8! He does need to make up some sleep after that late-night work, after all.
Dan often shares work on his projects with Mark, his colleague. They work together very well and often like to bounce ideas off each other. This used to be a bit difficult, as their offices were on opposite sides of the building. Furthermore, working from home a lot, which has been the case lately, hasn’t helped their collaboration. Until the firm started using VNC Connect, that is.
When Mark wants Dan to contribute, he simply asks him to access his machine. Once Dan can see his screen, collaboration is seamless. Mark shows Dan what he’s thinking of altering and Dan shows him his own ideas. Things are much quicker and more efficient. They even use the VNC Connect Android and iOS apps to do this when they’re out travelling to see customers. That way, being on a train doesn’t stop the flow of their ideas.

Customer presentations made easier

Since we’re talking about visiting customers, Dan does that a lot, as well. However, the CAD software that they use for projects can’t run on the small laptop he travels with.
Luckily, with VNC Viewer installed on it, it doesn’t need to. Dan just opens VNC Viewer on the laptop, connects to his work machine and shows the customer the project. Furthermore, he can even make some small changes on the spot and see what works. All this, while in his customer’s meeting room.
He can then get back to the office, sit in front of his machine and continue where he left things. This way, none of the ideas can ever get lost.

Architecture IT support

While Dan and Mark are happy with the flexibility they get from using VNC Connect, so is the firm’s IT department. Colin and John, the IT staff are providing daily support to everyone in the office. Plus remote workers, of course.
All users of company machines have VNC Server installed on them by default. In those cases, unattended support is the way to go when an issue arises. This allows Colin and John a lot of first-time fixes for user issues.
The firm allows employees to use their own PCs for work, as well. The support staff helps when users face issues regarding work applications. In this case, it would be impractical to have a VNC Server installed on each and every one of them. Luckily, they have a VNC Connect Enterprise subscription and the added Instant Support functionality. This allows them to just have the users download a disposable app and input a code. Once that’s done, the support staff can access their machines and help as needed.

Try VNC Connect for yourself now!

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