How to set up an Instant Support session with VNC Connect

Instant Support is a great way to connect to a machine on which you are unable to or unwilling to install software.

You don’t need to install anything and you can provide support in a few seconds. 

How do I enable Instant Support? 

Chris works in a very busy IT department. His work involves providing support to over 1000 users, on a daily basis. However, not all users have issues to sort out on a daily basis. Some of them have them more often, others barely need to get in touch. In conclusion, keeping a VNC Server, with a separate license, on each machine would be pointless.  

Therefore, Chris provides instant support, the moment users need it. To do so, you need to add a Technician license to the company’s VNC Connect subscription. You can easily check if one exists already on your account. To do so, go to your RealVNC account and click Billing on the right (you need to be the team owner). You will see how many Technician licenses you have allocated there, under Capacity 

There is one more thing to do before being able to use the feature. Also in your RealVNC account, click People. Then, make sure the box next to Technician is ticked. It doesn’t have to be for yourself. It can be any user that requires this capacity.  

How to provide Instant Support 

If you’ve followed the steps above, this really couldn’t be easier. Start by opening VNC Viewer (you will need to be signed with your RealVNC account details). Then, click the Instant Support button.  

The software will generate a code and will show you a download URL. Share these with the user you plan on supporting. They will need to download and run the temporary software and input the code into it. After the user confirms the connection, you will be able to control the machine in VNC Viewer 

In short, Instant Support is a quick and easy way to connect to a computer on a one-off basis. In addition to that, no software needs to be installed.  

Also, if you want a more secure way of connecting, you can always set up a Direct Connection. Find out more about it, as well as how to use some essential VNC Connect features here.  

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Bogdan Bele

Bogdan Bele

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