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Great ways RealVNC can help IT professionals in education

The education industry can greatly benefit from remote access software. Educational institutions are adopting a hybrid learning model that enables teachers and students to work from anywhere, addresses the different needs of all types of students, and encourages creative ways to learn.

 Furthermore, IT professionals and support staff within this industry can use our VNC Connect software to make that possible.

Let’s have a look at how RealVNC’s VNC Connect can be an essential tool for the education industry.

VNC Connect for Education 

Education, be it in school districts, universities, or various training rooms, has changed. Recent years have brought a new series of problems that require different solutions and technology has played an active role in addressing these recent challenges.

We’ve recently covered the many ways in which VNC software can assist in teaching or training. The possible use cases of remote access software for the education industry are endless. 

In our previous article, we covered two examples where the VNC Connect software can play a critical role in education. Our technology can help visually impaired students see a virtual whiteboard. It can also help some neuroatypical children (such as students with social anxieties) continue their lessons in a private area. Education is crucial and our solution aims to provide that to all who are willing.

While the above covers the needs of the teachers and students in a classroom or a training room, the solution is not just for them. RealVNC’s software can be an excellent support tool for the IT professionals within the education industry. They can also implement customised security authentication in alignment with the institute’s security policy.

Hence, whether the school has its own VPN or is comfortable with cloud connections – RealVNC is a solution for both.

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Easy to deploy and manage

The first question an IT professional in the education industry asks will be concerning deployment. A remote-control software can offer a lot of benefits but if it needs manual installation and configuration on all machines, it will take a lot of work and may not be worth it.  

That’s not the case with VNC Connect. Deployment is extremely simple, on thousands of machines. To start with, you will need a license key, which you can find in your RealVNC account. MSIs are also available to download for Windows. We also offer a Group Policy template. This allows you to change all important settings in an efficient manner. 

For Mac, signed packaged apps are available, to make deployment much easier.  

On Linux, for easy deployment, you can host VNC Server on a network share. An example script allows you to perform all operations from command line.   

Direct or cloud connections

Education is a field in which data privacy and security are essential.  School district network configurations can make cloud connections less of an option. That is why VNC Connect offers direct connections. These connections are extremely easy to configure. Of course, if you were to opt for the convenience of a cloud connection, you are free to do so as well.

And speaking of flexibility, licensing is very flexible as well. If you plan on connecting to the same machines very often, you can opt for unattended access. But, if you need to provide Instant Support to a lot of users on a constant basis, this is an option as well. If you have that option on your subscription, you can open VNC Viewer and click Instant Support. Then, once your user downloads the disposable app and inputs the code, you’ll connect. Find out more about using Instant Support here.

VNC Connect is secure by design. The Enterprise subscription offers 256-bit AES Encryption. The software offers several methods of authentication, including Smart Card. This can be very useful for machines storing sensitive student data. 

Furthermore, granular access control is possible via your RealVNC account. This makes sure that only the right people have access to certain machines. 

How education institutions use VNC Connect

A significant amount of IT professionals working for education institutions rely on RealVNC’s VNC Connect every day. The flexibility and practicality of the software allows them to use it on a daily basis. Have a look at our case studies to learn more. 

For example, the Kyrene School District in Arizona, USA, uses VNC Connect daily. It allows the IT team to provide support to 3,000 staff and 19,000 students. Technicians troubleshoot and solve issues, without needing to travel to 25 schools.

Arizona State University (ASU) has 1000 computers on multiple platforms. Out of these, 700 are usually online at any given time. This is the reason why a solution to troubleshoot these remotely was necessary. VNC Connect has provided all this and more. Issues get solved quicker and the staff can anticipate and mitigate system failures. 

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