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8 reasons to adopt remote access technology

Remote access software can improve the efficiency of your business in more ways than many people realize.

For businesses to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, they often need to seek efficiencies and productivity gains by working smarter. Technology has been an enabler of these efforts and remote access software can play a strategic role in contributing to greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Remote access is about more than simply screen sharing. Its ability to be applied to multiple use cases explains why the technology is earning the reputation as an important business transformation tool.

In this post, we look at some of the ways in which remote access technology can benefit your business, your customers, and your employees.

1.It saves time

Travel to and from customer or company sites reduces time that could be spent doing more productive things. If you can eliminate the travel by remotely accessing IT resources to undertake tasks like support or training, that time can be used more efficiently.

2. It’s greener

As well as saving time, remote access is a more resource-efficient way of working. Removing the need for employees to be physically present at a location results in a lower carbon footprint through reductions in energy and fuel consumption. If a salesperson can also give demos from her office, they won’t be contributing to traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

3. It enables 24/7

Not everyone wants to work after-hours, but sometimes it’s the sensible thing to do or essential to respond to critical incidents. When servers need updating or software needs upgrading, often the only option is to carry these tasks out outside of traditional office hours so as not to disrupt the daily working schedule.

What’s more, if employees need to leave the office early to tend to family commitments, having full access to their desktop applications means they can continue from where they left off, with little negative impact to productivity. 

4. It’s familiar

Working in your own computer environment makes everything smoother. If you must be away from your office, you can still have your familiar computer experience by connecting to your office desktop using remote access software. You will be more effective if your applications and files are available where you expect them to be. In an unfamiliar environment, there is a higher potential for distractions, disruptions and errors. The comfort and familiarity of your own desktop can improve concentration and productivity.

5. It’s low impact

Understandably, not all of your customers will be thrilled to have a technician on site while they are busy getting on with their work. By using remote access software to access a customer’s machine, you can solve problems with less impact on their working day, resulting in a happier customer.

6. It’s educational

There are two training scenarios that are facilitated by remote access technology. The first is delivering training externally, either through one-on-one sessions or by accessing a remote training lab. Training this way eliminates travel for instructors and students and makes it easier to arrange sessions because participants can join from anywhere.

The second scenario is internal. By moving to the remote delivery of customer support or product demos, for example, businesses can have trainee employees observe senior staff as they do it in house, learning from real world situations. Many more new employees can be trained at the same time with this approach, and you won’t disrupt working office environments with groups of trainees.

7. It’s flexibility

As the pace of business quickens and Millennials and Generation Z join the workforce in greater numbers, flexible working structures are gaining more and more traction. Empowering employees to work when and where they choose has been proven to increase self-motivation and staff morale, while reducing absenteeism.

8. It’s cost-effective

Many of the benefits we outlined above deliver cost savings. Without the need to travel to and from sites, download software to multiple devices or be tethered to the office every single day, businesses can save money through increased efficiency. 


The benefits of remote access outweigh any initial setup costs or learning curves that might follow implementation. The reality is, work itself is becoming a more fluid concept based on the higher flexibility provided by new technology. Remote access technology can empower your business to meet many challenges, not only for your IT help desk. And the icing on the cake is improved customer satisfaction, employee morale, and business productivity.

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