4 fantastic remote access business benefits you should know about

Remote access technology has been around for many years, but as technology becomes more prolific through our everyday lives, so does the need to access devices without being in front of them.

In 2020, remote access became an essential part of more businesses than ever before, as the global pandemic shifted how every company needed to operate.

What was once thought of as just a tool for help desks has found applications across almost every industry, from enabling GPs to access patient files from home to keep the practice running online, to monitoring complex systems across the globe.

But how can remote access software help your business? We’ll go through some of the main benefits for businesses of every size, including SMEs.

Increased flexibility

Remote access can benefit the flexible working structure that is so sought after in modern times. Remote working was a growing trend for many years and became commonplace during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Suddenly, companies worldwide were faced with stay-at-home orders, and needed to quickly figure out how to maintain their business continuity without their workforce in the office.

The rapid changes to companywide remote working led many businesses to realize that their staff can easily do their jobs from home and still be just as productive, if not more so. Because of this, it looks like going forward this will be less of a trend, and more of a staple in the modern business environment.

Many businesses are now making plans to stay fully remote, or offering a blended working environment to their employees. This will not only reduce the business costs for office space and equipment – which can often be a large portion of a company’s budget, now able to be reallocated elsewhere, but it can assist with recruitment by creating a more desirable environment for potential candidates.

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Reduced support costs

In addition to the lower costs mentioned already, remote access can provide a reduction in support costs not only for internal IT support and management purposes, but also for customer assistance.

Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) can often struggle when it comes to employee tech support, as they do not have the same level of resources a large corporation would, and the IT department is often a single person (or even non-existent).

With remote access by their side, SMEs can give their sysadmin or external IT contractor the power to troubleshoot and support everyone in the business with ease.

Being able to support customers from afar with technical issues they encounter leads to less time spent travelling to the customer location – an endeavor which often requires a certain level of planning and expense.

With remote access software such as VNC Connect Instant Support, a technician can remotely access a client’s device without prior installation, and provide the support the customer needs within minutes.

Of course, issues with physical equipment still require an in-person visit, but being able to diagnose the problem remotely saves time for your employees and your customers, allowing them to continue their work more efficiently than before.

Security for remote workers

Remote working has innumerable benefits for both employees and businesses, but security can be a major concern if not effectively managed. One way to mitigate security risks is to allow employees to access computers on your company network via a remote access solution. By disabling file transfer capabilities, you can decrease the likelihood that important business data will leave the safety of your internal network.

In addition to this, remote access software such as VNC Connect provides detailed audit logs of connection attempts, session durations, and more to ensure you know who is connected to what, when, and for how long.

Granular access controls, single sign-on, and multi factor authentication (MFA) are just a few of the other essential security features available to manage your remote access with ease.

Collaboration and training

Especially when working remotely, collaboration can be tricky. Remote access software can allow for collaborative projects to run smoothly, with multiple team members viewing and controlling a single device where needed.

It can also be useful when specialist software is involved, which can often be expensive. By installing the software on a few shared devices accessible by those who need it, costs of individual licenses can be lowered.

There are also applications in training staff remotely, showing new team members in real time how to access systems and troubleshooting if required.

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Users of VNC Connect are continually finding new and innovative ways to use remote access software, and we are proud to support such a wide variety of businesses and services to carry out important work.

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