Engineering and robotics YouTuber James Bruton joins 2023 RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize judging panel

The 2023 RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize has an exciting new addition to its judging panel: engineering and robotics YouTuber James Bruton!
RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize 2023

James announced his involvement in his latest video, published earlier today. During a break from his experiments with jet-powered freeline roller skates, he told his 1.16m subscribers about the RealVNC Raspberry Prize, how RealVNC invented the first widely used remote access software, and how RealVNC is supporting innovation of the future by celebrating the creativity of the global Raspberry Pi community.

James Bruton

Before resuming his attempts to stay upright on jet-powered casters in a carpark, James ended the segment by announcing his decision to join the judging panel. While doing so, he wore one of the t-shirts RealVNC is sending, along with a laptop sticker, to the first 100 people who submit valid entries, completely free of charge. Both the t-shirt and sticker have the competition logo and say, “CERTIFIED INNOVATOR.”

You can watch the video below. 

James’ addition to the judging panel brings the total number of judges to four. The three other judges are VNC inventor and RealVNC co-founder Tristan Richardson, MiPi Support founder Matthew Ireland, and Director of Transformation at the University of Bath, Emma Smith.

The panel will select the most creative solution that uses a Raspberry Pi device and RealVNC Connect software, assessing each entry for innovation, originally, design quality, impact, and the use of RealVNC Connect software. 

There is no cost to enter the competition, and any innovation created within the last five years is eligible, provided it is not in commercial use. The first-place winner will receive $1,000, second-place $500, and third-place $250.

The deadline for entries is September 4th!

For the entry form and the full competition rules, see the RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize web page.



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