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The future of education: Shifting to e-learning

Education institutions are adapting to the growing needs of the student body by implementing modern teaching and learning methods.

E-learning has become the new normal causing management to create a new IT infrastructure. Remote access software can be an essential tool in your arsenal. In this article, we will take a deeper look at some great ways VNC Connect can improve your e-learning efforts.

RealVNC’s VNC Connect as an e-learning tool

RealVNC’s remote access software is often mistaken as a tool only for the IT professionals and support staff because a large number of our users are network administrators and IT support engineers. However, the flexibility of the tool makes it an ideal solution for a number of industries and professions.

For the education industry, VNC Connect can be an invaluable e-learning tool. The video below shows how technology has immersed itself in the industry. 

Below are some examples of how you can improve your e-learning set-up with the software (but this isn’t, by any means, an exhaustive list):

  • Secure machine and lab access for students and staff
  • Monitor and control student assignments via the file transfer feature
  • Enabling e-learning for special needs students

Secure machine and lab access for students and staff

To start with, teachers are able to use the software to access students’ machines. This allows them to easily check how well students are doing the work assigned to them. Should they need help, the teacher is able to intervene right away. It is a very convenient way to put the student back on the right path, without needing to walk around a large classroom. The teacher can just open VNC Viewer and quickly access a student computer that runs VNC Server. They can then see how the student’s work is progressing. If necessary, they can also intervene directly, via remote control.

Depending on the school’s systems and security protocols, students can have access to resources outside the confines of educational institutes enabling students to work and learn from anywhere.

File transfer

The file transfer feature is a great way to send assignments to students’ machines. Once time for the assignment is up, the same feature allows you to pick up the completed files.

The students don’t even have to be in the same room (or the same city, for that matter). The teachers can still access their machines remotely. If the school has a specific network configuration, the VNC Connect’s Enterprise license has you covered. The license offers both cloud and direct connections, thereby, addressing all networking needs. 

Enabling e-learning for special needs students

There are also more particular use cases, catering to students with special needs. These can be students with visual impairment, neuroatypical conditions, and others requirements. 

In these situations, remote control software can significantly improve the classroom experience. We’ll talk about this in detail in the next section. 

E-learning for special education needs

Here are some cases in which VNC Connect has played a critical role to improve the special education experience.

Electronic whiteboards have become the norm in today’s classrooms. They are easy to use and control, and offer more teaching support than the “classic” ones ever could. However, if a VI (visually impaired) student is part of the class, chances are that they would struggle to see them. 

Luckily, VNC Connect comes to the rescue in these cases. St Anthony’s School in Chichester, West Sussex, needed a solution for this issue. VNC Viewer installed on a tablet allows students to see the whiteboard. This gives them the chance to engage with the lesson, together with their colleagues. 

The solution also helps students facing problems regarding personal space. They can sit in a separate quiet area and still see the whiteboard. The entire system is set-up via direct connectivity adding an additional layer of security.

Other educational institutes and school districts have adopted similar solutions of supporting VI children. The Huntsville Independent School District also uses VNC Connect in a similar way. Students can view content on the whiteboard and zoom as needed, on their devices, and they don’t need to sit at the front of the classroom to do so. 

Due to the intuitive nature of the software and its ease of use, there is almost no learning curve for students. 

You can find out more about how VNC Connect can assist with your school’s needs here

We also offer a 14-day trial, so you can see for yourself what VNC Connect can do for you! 

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