Huntsville Independent School District - case study


RealVNC’s software is easy for teachers to use and saves them time when planning lessons. It has also greatly reduced the need to create special lesson plans and materials for individual students.


Regulatory Compliance


Support the school’s mission to integrate and inspire students with special needs

Customer Satisfaction


Improve the quality of the learning environment by creating a more accessible classroom

Save Time

Save Time

Save teachers time by preparing unified lesson plans and support materials for all students



The Huntsville Independent School District (ISD) is an educational institution located in Southern Texas, USA, that offers teaching and learning facilities for students at an elementary level through to high school. One key goal of Huntsville ISD is to create a dynamic and diverse environment where every child is given equal opportunity. 

RealVNC's remote access software is helping realise this vision through the special needs department by providing a solution to better integrate visually impaired students in the classroom. Teachers and pupils have noticed significant benefits in the quality of classroom learning and efficiency, preventing extra lesson planning and student support.


Huntsville ISD needed a solution that enabled short-sighted children to more easily engage in classroom activities. Children with impaired vision find it difficult to engage with lessons taught on interactive whiteboards and can require special, high cost equipment or extra one-on-one sessions. These teaching methods are disruptive and make students feel different from their classmates. The school district was committed to ensuring everyone feels included in the classroom with an equal learning opportunity.


Through the implementation of RealVNC’s software, Huntsville ISD enabled a more inclusive classroom experience for visually impaired students. Remote access software allows students to watch lessons being taught on the whiteboard from a device at their desk, with the ability to zoom in as needed. 

Children are no longer obliged to go to the front of the classroom or receive separate instructions, saving time for teachers who no longer need to make copies of all whiteboard slides, allowing more time to monitor student progress. Now teachers are confident that students have the tools they need to actively participate without expensive, complex equipment. 

RealVNC’s software is quick, versatile and simple for students and teachers. Children are now more integrated with their peers and have the freedom to work independently.

Engineering Benefits

  • Proven remote access technology
  • No extra training required
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Feature rich, customization
  • Excellent remote access performance


The Huntsville ISD is delighted with how RealVNC’s remote access software has improved the quality of the teaching environment for visually impaired students. The school plans to continue using the software and is exploring ways to expand its use to more students across the district, supporting the school’s goal of creating a diverse environment where all pupils can achieve their academic potential.


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