Top Takeaways from the Remote Access in Education Webinar 

In our latest webinar, 4-time Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, and RealVNC Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer, Chad Knott, took a look at how remote access technology is capable of making a big difference in education.

The webinar was filled with useful tips and great ideas on improving the teaching and learning experience, by using remote access technology. The attendees had a great chance to find out how remote access can completely change the education game.  

Below is some of what we learned from the webinar. If you want to know more, worry not! You’ll find a link that allows you to watch the complete recording at the end of this article.

What Is Remote Access Used for in Education?

Remote access can be, as mentioned above, a game-changer in the education landscape. But what is remote access used for in this field?

Being able to access servers, transfer files securely, monitor devices remotely, and allowing staff and students to access devices and resources from anywhere are all essential uses of remote access. And it looks like this trend is on the up, as imagination is the only limit.  

Biggest Tech Headaches in Education Right Now

We also discussed the big tech problems facing education. High up on the list were keeping data safe and private, the lack of skilled IT pros, as well as managing remote learning sites better. Yes, they’re all tough and important issues; no, none are insurmountable with the right planning and, especially, the right technology.

Making Remote Access Safer

As you’d probably expect, security was a big discussion topic in our webinar. And especially ways of making remote access more secure. It’s great to see that more schools are taking this seriously, as they’re adding extra layers of security, like multi-factor authentication (MFA). Also, the fact that they’re ramping up their overall security strategies is great to see.

Last but not least, reconsidering whether they use RDP or not, on account of the security risks it poses, is also a smart move.

The Push for IT Consolidation

We discussed the increasing need to bring IT services together under one roof. This helps make things more efficient. It also involves understanding what the school really needs, as well recognizing the limitations of current systems. Then, it’s a case of finding a way to make all the remote access tech work together well.

Challenges with Remote Educational Sites

We also looked at the hurdles of managing remote learning locations. We discussed some of the strategies that need to be applied in these cases, such as strong security measures, and making sure that remote access is easy to handle and manage.

The conversation showed how the right remote access technology can make a big difference in making schools ready for the future of education.

If you want to know more about all the topics above, but also everything remote access in education-related, check out the complete recording of our webinar here.

And if watching the webinar has made you want to find out more in a demo, sign up for one at:

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