Remote Access in Education

Concerns, Challenges,
and Guidance in 2024

The education sector is unique in its dependence on technologies that enable faculty, staff, and students alike—particularly when managing multiple campuses or an entire district.

Because there is a clear split between systems used by teachers and students and those designed to keep the education business running on the backend, technology teams need to find ways to manage, support, and transform both sides of the business’s technology stacks.
The role of Remote Access crosses the proverbial boundaries between these technology stacks, helping teams improve the accessibility to, management of, and security stance of applications, devices, and systems alike.  So, how do education organizations fare today when it comes to remote access? Is it helping or hindering the addressing of your most pressing challenges? 

To find out, we survey 400 education institutions and want to share the results with you!


Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia

4-time Microsoft MVP

Chadwick Knott
Chadwick Knott

Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer


  • Technologies used to facilitate remote access connectivity and security
  • Who’s using remote access and what’s it being used for
  • Education’s technology challenges
  • Recommendations of how Remote Access can be used to improve the most critical of Education’s challenges

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