Spooky scary cybersecurity threats to send shivers down your cables

It’s finally the spookiest day of the year, so we thought we’d share a few terrifying tales. The monsters under our beds aren’t ghouls or goblins however, but phishing, ransomware, and *shivers* humans!

Cybersecurity can strike fear into the hearts of the most hardened sysadmins whatever the season, but if you follow our top tips, you can avoid falling foul of the most haunting threats…

 According to Norton’s 2018 report, more than a billion adults have been the victims of cyber crime, with over 800 million of those being targeted in the last year alone. Out of those who experienced cyber crime, 38% had a financial loss as a result. With more accounts and devices than ever in every home, every individual’s cyber attack surface is growing exponentially, and while 83% of consumers are concerned about their privacy, 61% are willing to accept certain risks to their privacy for the sake of convenience.

There’s no better time than now to banish your security demons and protect yourself with a sigil of knowledge.


If you want to know more about RealVNC’s security strategy and the measures we take to ensure VNC Connect remote access connections are as secure as possible, check out our Security page.

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