Find Out “What’s New in RealVNC Connect 7” in Our Webinar

In our recent webinar, "What’s New in RealVNC Connect 7", Francesca Barnes and Jack Naisbett discussed our exciting new product updates. Here's what the most important of these were and how you can watch a recording of the webinar, for a deeper dive. 

RealVNC Connect 7 comes with some very useful new features. These include Presence and Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support. Francesca Barnes, RealVNC Customer Success Manager, Team Lead, and Jack Naisbett, our Support Manager, Technical Operations, have done a live demonstration of the new features. They also discussed the way in which they benefit our customers.

Here’s some of what’s new in RealVNC Connect 7: 

  • Presence – See if a Device Is Online or Offline  
  • Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support  
  • File Manager – a Remastered File Transfer Experience  
  • Launch Connections from the Portal 
  • Audit – Track key activity across your RealVNC Team

Let’s take a closer look at all of these.

Presence - See if a Device Is Online or Offline

This feature provides a quick indicator of whether a device is online and listening for connections. You can use it to quickly spot connectivity issues.  

Keep in mind that the feature only works for cloud-connected devices. Find out more here.

Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support

This feature allows you to view multiple monitors on remote devices within RealVNC Viewer and toggle between them or bring them all into view. Even better, the Multi-Window Mode allows you to show monitors in individual windows. More details can be found here.

File Manager - a Remastered File Transfer Experience

Our File Transfer experience has been completely reworked, allowing you a much clearer view of the files on your devices. You can now add, remove, and rename files and folders on remote devices, too. More File Transfer details can be found here.

Launch Connections from the Portal

This new feature expands the Portal’s functionality beyond the place where you manage your Team and subscription. A Connect button next to each device in your list allows you to launch a connection directly from the Portal, opening RealVNC Viewer.   

More on how to launch connections from the Portal, here.

Audit - Track Key Activity Across Your RealVNC Team

Last but not least, our new Audit feature allows you to track your team and session activity. You’ll find a real-time log of the most improtant account activity in there. This includes session start and end times, devices connected to, as well as which user made that connection.  

Furthermore, this data can easily be exported as a .csv file. You can also use API Access for an API connection to this data. 

Watch the "What’s New in RealVNC Connect 7" Webinar

This overview has surely piqued your interest, so you probably want to know more about the new features, as well as see a demo. The good news is that you can; just click here to see a complete recording of our webinar.  

We also have many other interesting webinars that you should check out. You can find five very interesting ones here.  

And don’t forget to update to download the latest RealVNC Connect version!

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