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Five Ways in Which RealVNC Remote Access Software Can Help the Healthcare Industry

Technology is an essential part of today’s healthcare landscape, with telemedicine allowing healthcare professionals a completely different way of delivering their services, sometimes across the globe. However, while remote access software can make things much easier, efficient and effective, a balance needs to be struck between convenience and security in the face of cyber threats. This is where RealVNC remote access software steps in.

RealVNC’s remote access solutions can be crucial parts of the shift towards a modernized healthcare approach. As a conclusion to our series of blogs on remote access in the healthcare sector, we look at five ways in which these solutions can help the healthcare industry.

1.     Telemedicine and Better Healthcare Delivery

2.     HIPAA-Compliant Remote Desktop Software

3.     Efficiency in Healthcare IT Management with RealONE

4.     Secure Remote Access Through RealVNC Connect

5.     Easier Training and Education

1.     Telemedicine and Better Healthcare Delivery

RealVNC remote access software can be crucial in supporting telemedicine, decluttering healthcare facilities, and providing of quality care to remote and underserved areas. Virtual consultations, as well as remote diagnostics, and the management of chronic illnesses, can be made possible through the power of secure remote access. Implementing this in the correct way can make healthcare more accessible than ever before. This is especially important in moments of global health crises. Those are the situations where minimizing physical contact is essential.

2.     HIPAA-Compliant Remote Desktop Software

In healthcare, nothing is more important than the security and privacy of patient data. RealVNC remote desktop software is designed with this in mind, being fully HIPAA-compliant. This helps it ensure the best protection of sensitive patient data. Secure and instant access to medical records allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient health remotely, and enhance collaboration among medical teams, safe in the knowledge that health records are accessed in a secure fashion.

3.     Efficiency in Healthcare IT Management with RealONE

RealONE, a comprehensive solution that combines the powers of RPort and RealVNC Connect, changes the way remote healthcare IT management is done. Healthcare professionals and IT teams can administer devices, troubleshoot technical issues, and maintain IT infrastructures remotely. This can in turn lead to improved productivity in healthcare teams; it also helps minimize downtime in healthcare delivery systems.

4.     Secure Remote Access Through RealVNC Connect

RealVNC Connect provides a secure and robust platform, which allows healthcare professionals to access patient data and medical records from any location. This can help with remote diagnosis and treatment planning, enabling real-time data sharing among specialists. As a consequence, collaboration in multidisciplinary medical teams is much easier. The scenarios in which healthcare professionals can use RealVNC Connect are very diverse.

5.     Easier Training and Education

With secure remote access, experienced doctors can advise less experienced ones through complex procedures from miles away, offering support in real-time, right on the computer in the OR. It’s an easy way to learn from more experienced colleagues, even if they’re not physically in the room.

If you’re a professional in the healthcare sector who values innovation, efficiency, and are preoccupied by better patient outcomes, RealVNC remote access software can make your life much easier. Click here to get your free trial today!

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