3 business and technology trends that demand remote access

In our rapidly changing digital landscape, the demand for remote access is growing, and the old tactical view is no longer effective or sustainable.

Companies now see remote access as a key corporate capability that must be planned and managed.

Rather than using a jumble of open source, platform specific and paid subscriptions, CIOs are developing a consolidated remote access strategy. This approach greatly improves operational efficiencies, while saving money and mitigating security risks.

By making a conscious choice to focus on a single remote access solution, companies can optimize their business and foster innovation.

Compelling benefits of a consolidated remote access strategy

Some of the most immediately apparent benefits of a remote access solution are centred around efficiency and security:

  • Save time and money-  Cuts subscription costs, reduces training and management overhead
  • Improve efficiency – Enables faster response and higher quality service across the entire organization
  • Reduce risk –  

    Fewer software resources reduces attack vectors 

Remote access software is commonly viewed as a tactical tool, enabling a range of different products to solve application-specific requirements. Moving forward, there appears to be three major business and technology trends driving the demand for remote access software.

1) Enable interconnected working models

In an increasingly interconnected world, it no longer matters where employees and system resources are physically located.

Colleagues expect access to a full range of applications when working from home or on the road. Distributed departments must collaborate with shared resources, whether it’s the engineering team working with an advanced design tool or the finance department rolling out a new version of their accounting system.

Remote access software plays a key role in supporting new working models that securely connect people to their business critical computer systems.

2) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Only a few years ago the CIO could control exactly which computers were used within a corporate landscape because hardware was expensive and bulky. This control is increasingly impractical because of the explosion of inexpensive devices in a wide range of smaller form factors.

While the BYOD trend poses its challenges, it also offers many business benefits as employees bring their own devices to work. But it blurs the line between business and personal technology.

This is a trend that’s continuing to grow, and CIOs need new strategies to connect to and integrate these devices into the corporate landscape.

Remote software can support this process by allowing smart phones and tablets to securely connect to important digital business assets, improving workforce efficiency.

3) Expand the business ecosystem

To remain competitive in a technology-driven business ecosystem, the traditional barriers between departments, suppliers and customers are rapidly eroding.

The CIO’s goals of increasing efficiency and meeting higher quality customer experience requires teams to stay connected in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. As a result, digital resources must be securely shared across an organization, with key technology partners and directly with customers.

Remote access software can deliver the innovation that is essential to creating competitive advantage.

The IT help agent is the most traditional user for remote access software and this will continue to be important, but with a rapidly changing business and technology landscape, remote access has a much more strategic role to play. Many CIOs are now developing a consolidated remote access strategy that supports new working models while saving money, improving efficiency and reducing risk. 

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