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RealVNC announces advanced security and team management functionality for VNC Connect

New multi-factor authentication and groups and permission management capabilities reinforce VNC Connect as a leading solution for enterprise remote access

May 04, 2017, Cambridge, UK: RealVNC, the original developer and provider of VNC remote access and control software, has today announced the 6.1 release of VNC Connect. This new software version includes a number of additional features, with the most important being multi-factor authentication for advanced security and improved tools for managing groups and permissions within a team. While these new capabilities will benefit customers of any size, they are particularly helpful for larger organizations with sophisticated security requirements and complex departmental structures.

Multi-factor authentication provides extra security by making it harder for someone to impersonate a user. IT administrators can now use their existing investment in multi-factor authentication to protect remote connections made with VNC Connect. This increases the level of protection for their network without having to train people on additional second factor technology. VNC Connect 6.1 provides native support for smart cards and, using the RADIUS protocol, it supports a wide range of other second-factor providers including RSA Secure ID and DUO.

With an increasing number of regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA that mandate multi-factor authentication, the 6.1 release makes it straightforward to deploy VNC Connect in a way that can be certified compliant.

The new team management improvements in this release make it possible to assign users and computers to their own groups within a team. IT administrators can easily set permissions to restrict discovery to authorized users within a team. This supports more complex security arrangements; such as allowing the IT team to remotely access any computer while presenting the more limited choice for individual departments.

“The new functionality provided in the 6.1 release of VNC Connect is a great example of our commitment to supporting customers with increasingly sophisticated remote access requirements,” explained Adam Greenwood-Byrne, COO at RealVNC. “Security is always a critical consideration and we believe that our deployment of multi-factor authentication is among the most comprehensive in the industry. Unlike some of our competition, we support a wide range of standards and protocols to give our customers the greatest possible flexibility and peace of mind. Our new team management tools for groups and permissions are also fantastic for evolving organizations, allowing the IT team to centrally control their enterprise-wide remote access strategy. Overall, the new features in VNC Connect 6.1 are helping companies use remote access in a confident and articulate way so that cost savings and efficiency gains can be shared and ROI shortened.”

Existing customers can visit the VNC Connect 6.1 resource page below for more information or you can download a free trial version if you are not already part of the RealVNC community.

VNC Connect 6.1 resource page:

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