RealVNC will be at Infosecurity Europe 2022: Here’s why

Infosecurity Europe 2022 RealVNC

RealVNC will be part of this year’s Infosecurity Europe (Infosec) event. “Defining the Future of Cybersecurity” is the event’s motto – Infosec connects the information and cybersecurity community, showcasing the latest technology and sharing insider insights.

Three ways to use VNC’s superpowers for good

VNC not just for hackers

Because they have have been in the past used by cybercriminals for a variety of threat actions , there’s sometimes an association that may occur in some organizations between VNC-based remote access solutions and malicious activity. However, a secure VNC solution, used as intended, can bring a lot of benefits to your organization.

Healthcare needs a new remote access solution

Remote access healthcare VNC Connect

At a time when cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations and cyberattacks are increasing, it may be time to rethink exactly how remote access is achieved securely. Remote access has become a common part of any healthcare organization’s operations – whether it’s used to connect a technician to a medical device or terminal in a patient … Read more

Breaking down RDP vs. secure remote access

RDP vs Secure Remote Access

At a time when remote access has become a necessary part of most organizations’ operations, it’s necessary to take a look at whether the access provided actually maintains organizational security, productivity, and accessibility. Use of remote access (of every flavor and vendor) by organizations has become a staple due to the shift to a hybrid … Read more

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