RDP vs RDC: What’s the difference?

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Remote desktop technologies are essential tools for modern businesses, enabling seamless remote work, efficient support, and effective collaboration. Two common terms you may hear in this space are Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). While these acronyms are sometimes used interchangeably, they refer to distinct components within remote access. Understanding the nuances … Read more

How to use remote screen sharing to help your business

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Out of all the people who can now work remotely, it is believed that 35% do so on a full-time basis. Of course, remote working presents organizations with a range of challenges, along with many associated benefits. Enabling workers in different geographical locations to continue to collaborate efficiently is just one of these challenges. Screen sharing can provide a solution for this.

How remote assistance can benefit your business

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Tech-related issues can cause lots of trouble for businesses. It doesn’t matter how prepared you and your employees may be. Some issues are simply too tricky for staff to solve themselves. Similarly, when customers are interacting with your products, they can run into problems that a phone call with your support team may not solve them. That’s where remote assistance comes into play.

What is Remote Support and What are its Benefits?

Remote support has become crucial in keeping businesses running smoothly. While technology tends to increase efficiency and make work easier, it also introduces some intricacies that may hinder daily operations. Remote support enables organizations to quickly solve technical problems without interrupting workflow, ensuring projects are completed on time with minimal disturbance of the team’s productivity. RealVNC offers reliable and secure remote support solutions that can help businesses improve customer experience, reduce downtime, and save costs.

Remote Desktop Connection Solutions for Businesses

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The ability to connect remotely to desktops, systems, and files has huge benefits for businesses. It enables and streamlines remote work, helps IT teams to troubleshoot problems, and speeds up processes.