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Concerts and festival decibel level monitoring are not the first things that come to mind when thinking of remote access. But it wouldn't be the first time that our customers' ways of using VNC Connect surprised us. 
VNC Connect concerts

Here’s the story of dBControl. They’re a company that makes sure huge concerts and festivals happen as they should. Find out more about how they do this below. 

Sound monitoring, helped by VNC Connect

Many people have been to a large concert or festival at some point in their life. Not a lot of people know, though, that there are certain rules and restrictions that such events need to comply with. These restrictions are there both to protect your hearing and to help local residents. They can involve things like noise plans or calculations of how noise spreads. In some cases, municipalities will even require sound logs from outdoor events. 

This is where our customers, dBcontrol Norway, come in. The company does sound measurements at concerts and festivals all over Norway. They also do complete sound calculations of sound spread for neighbours and the area outside the event. Not to mention advanced calculations of sound dispersion. 

The biggest names in the industry

 dBcontrol has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the years. They’ve recently worked with Rammstein, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Alice Cooper and The Cure. They’ve also collaborated with names like Metallica, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. And that’s just in 2022. 

The company also provides its services to some huge festivals. They’ve provided their services to Tons of Rock 2022, which had some huge names in its line-up. These included Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Five Finger Death Punch.

Just to put things into perspective, 2022 for the company meant:

  • 53 show days
  • from indoor club shows (5000 people) to a Rammstein show (60000 in attendance)
  • most shows were in Oslo, but they also worked on some in Trondheim, Stavanger and Alesund 

What was the challenge?

Working with big names comes, as you’d imagine, with very high expectations. Furthermore, the company often has several measuring systems running during separate parallel events. 

In many cases, the equipment is far from the production office. Therefore, monitoring equipment remotely is crucial. 

For example, in June 2022 they were working on two open-air festivals, as well as an Alicia Keys club show. All at the same time. 

In some cases, computer measuring systems do have a web interface. However, it would only allow viewing one set of data. Furthermore, it would only work on a local network. It would also only send XML feeds. 

With all of the above making things complicated, dBcontrol had to look for a better solution. One that needed to be stable and easy to access. They also needed to display several windows at the same time. The latter would allow for the monitoring of multiple locations at the same time. 

What made them choose VNC Connect? 

They tested VNC Connect and liked the ability to run several systems at a time, as well as its stability. They also liked the connection options, making the solution easy to use. And this, even on mobile broadband setups or local Wi-Fi. Another thing the team found very useful was the mobile app. It made accessing different systems easy. One of the images in the gallery shows VNC Connect running on an iPad, during an Alice Cooper show. 

With all of this sealing the deal, the company uses VNC Connect to make its life easier, constantly. 

The pictures you can see below are from several of the events mentioned above. 

What do YOU use VNC Connect for?

While that’s a great story, we’re sure yours is a great one as well. So why don’t you share it with us and, who knows, your company might be the one we’re talking about next. 

And if you’re not already using VNC Connect, there’s no better time than now for a free trial. You can start one here! 

Bogdan Bele

Bogdan Bele

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