Great Uses for Remote Access Software in Energy

Efficiency, security, and rapid response are essential to managing the energy infrastructure. What follows are some practical applications of remote access in the energy sector, which could make your life as an energy professional much easier.

The energy infrastructure is one of the most important components of modern life. That’s why maintaining it in the most efficient fashion is essential. This is where remote access software plays a very important role. 

The following use cases are actionable for professionals in this industry. Here’s what we’ll be looking at:

Let’s go through each one of these:

Enhancing Grid Stability and Management

Grid stability is very much about equipment uptime. If everything is working properly, without outages, life is much easier for both customers and energy providers.

Remote access software allows real time data collection and adjusting as necessary. You can analyse how everything is performing and plan accordingly. 

If corrective measures are needed, these can be implemented immediately. Furthermore, you can do so from anywhere, without going to the physical location of the equipment. 

What’s more important is that, if you use RealVNC Connect, you can do this knowing that your data is secure from cyber threats. For complete security, your data is encrypted (not even RealVNC can decrypt it), with many other security measures also in place.

Optimizing Renewable Energy Integration

For any provider, renewable energy is an essential part of the energy mix. But how do you monitor the renewable energy output, when equipment is often in remote locations? You might also need to adjust parameters to optimize energy storage and distribution. Check out how our customer Centurion Solar has created solar panel solutions with RealVNC Connect and why this is a gamechanger.

RealVNC remote access software makes these processes as easy as if you were in front of the remote machine. Balancing intermittent renewable energy with traditional power plants becomes much easier and, of course, more secure.

Remote Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

In the case of energy equipment, diagnosing faults before they cause outages is paramount. Predictive maintenance can help prevent disastrous situations. 

With remote access software, continuous monitoring allows early detection of issues. This, in turn, helps you resolve issues before they have the chance to escalate. The result? Much lower equipment maintenance costs, as physical inspections are needed much less often. 

If you’re worried about data security, there’s one more thing to reassure you. RealVNC Connect has default two factor authentication for account access. This means that the account is secure even if someone gets access to the password.

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

You’ve taken all the measures, but disaster has struck anyway. Some of your crucial equipment has malfunctioned. Not to mention that it’s very far away and it would take at least a few hours to get a technician there. 

What if you could access the computer controlling it, look at the logs, and then reset remotely? With RealVNC Connect, you can. Your technician can remote into the affected equipment and perform the necessary tasks. That way, downtime is reduced to a minimum.


Remote access is a critical tool for an energy company that wants to be able to maintain and service its equipment efficiently. 

However, with the critical importance that security has for the energy sector, not any remote access solution will do. You need a software product that can perform these tasks while keeping your data secure.

Get a free trial of RealVNC Connect now and find out what it can do for your company!

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