RealVNC CUAFC Varsity Match sponsor

RealVNC and CUAFC’s Collaborative Legacy at the 150th Varsity Match

Sports is where tradition gets etched in time, where legacies are built, and history gets written chapter by chapter. That’s why when Cambridge University AFC takes the field at Abbey Stadium in March 2024 for their 150th Varsity Match against the University of Oxford, the players will be soaking in the history of the oldest football club in the world. And when they look up in the stands, they will see a group of technology enthusiasts who specialize in remote access solutions, from RealVNC.

It’s a rare sight; a technology solutions partner that has nothing to do with sports, partnering with a football club that has everything to do with it. However, the two are united by one thing – they are both pioneers. CUAFC invented the modern football formation, and RealVNC invented VNC, the technology behind modern day screen sharing and remote access. Today, we look at how RealVNC marries the power of their remote access technology with the legacy of Cambridge University associated with the Varsity Match.

The story of CUAFC dates back to a time when football, as we know it, didn’t exist. CUAFC began in 1856 as the Cambridge University Football Club and went on to pioneer and take part in several landmark events in football history. The club was the first to introduce a standardized football formation with 1-2-7, which forms the basis of modern football teams. They also introduced the footballing term ‘goal kick’ in the 1860s.

RealVNC, the sponsor of CUAFC in its 150th Varsity match, shares the legacy of pioneering with the football club. RealVNC is the initiator of remote access technology, having invented the VNC technology 25 years ago. Since then, the company has innovated in this field to create various remote access solutions, making it easy for people worldwide to access their computers remotely.

Think of it as the scalability of traditions. CUAFC’s legacy of pioneering adopts new shapes and forms as technology evolves, and RealVNC’s innovation reflects the same thought. RealVNC’s remote access technology enables people worldwide to work collaboratively from anywhere, making the idea of remote work and remote collaboration a new tradition of sorts.

Today, RealVNC is taking a step further in supporting the traditions of CUAFC by sponsoring the largest and most celebrated football event of the University of Cambridge. The Varsity Match between Cambridge and Oxford dates back to 1872 and has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest surviving football match in the world. It’s an event that brings traditions, excellence, and sportsmanship together, encapsulated within the sport of football.

The Varsity Match is not just a football match. For the participants, it’s representative of years of hard work, uncountable moments of defeat and triumph, strategies, and a deep-seated loyalty towards their team. The spectators, on the other hand, are there to witness and appreciate the living tradition of football and the passionate players who keep it alive.

For RealVNC, it’s an honor to sponsor a club that holds such a valuable place in football history and is an active participant in creating new traditions. It’s their way of taking part in a legacy that’s bigger than themselves. So, when UC takes on OU in the 150th Varsity match, we can all look forward to an event that brings together the legacies of two incredibly different yet oddly similar entities, football, and technology.

The game takes place at Cambridge United’s Cledara Abbey Stadium, on the 15th of March, 2024. Kick-off times are 5 PM and 7:45 PM and tickets can be purchased here.


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