Coming Soon: Account SSO via Okta

The foundation for a secure deployment of remote access lies in secure user credentials. This is why we are now introducing support for Account Single Sign-On (SSO) via Okta. This improvement will enhance user convenience and help keep your remote access secure.

Why we’re integrating with Okta for Account SSO

Keeping user accounts secure is paramount to cybersecurity best practice. Of course, ask any IT Manager and they’ll tell you that trusting an end user to set up (and properly store) a secure password is a challenge.

A recent report from Bitwarden found that almost 70% of users manage passwords for 10+ sites and software, with 85% of people reusing passwords. Now, consider a large-scale deployment of software with hundreds if not thousands of users, and it’s easy to see how user-created logins can quickly become the stuff of cybersecurity nightmares.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. With Account Single Sign-On, you’re able to improve security while making life easier for both IT teams and for users.

Okta is a secure identity cloud that puts together your apps, logins, and devices. This allows you to have access to everything you need in order to do your work, from day oneSSO via Okta streamlines the login process for your users, and it also helps enforce your security policy. It does so by giving central controls to your IT team. This reduces security loopholes associated with user-managed credentials, which in turn improves overall IT security structure.

What Okta Integration Means for RealVNC Connect users

Here are a few of the advantages that Okta integration brings to your RealVNC Connect remote access experience:

Easier Sign-In

Use your corporate credentials (with Okta as your identity provider) to access RealVNC Viewer and the RealVNC Connect Portal, making the sign-in process much simpler and quicker!

Enhanced Security

Your existing Okta account MFA settings apply when signing into RealVNC Connect. This means another layer of security for your account.

Efficient User Management

The Okta integration gives you a single, central place to manage your users, so you can more easily onboard new users or revoke access where necessary without eating up your team’s bandwidth.

Our Account SSO also supports Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD). The benefits are very similar to Okta integration; however, Microsoft Entra ID also comes with User Group Management.

What's next?

As always, RealVNC is committed to providing you with the most secure remote access experience possible. Okta integration is yet another step in this direction. Stay tuned for more regular updates, packed with useful features!  

Interested in learning more about Account SSO? Get in touch with one of our experts today. 

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