RealVNC Connect is Qtrac’s exclusive remote access solution

Our client Qtrac is a leading provider of queue management and appointment scheduling technology, helping millions of people around the globe have better customer experiences in the retail, healthcare, education, and public service sectors. Here's why they chose RealVNC Connect.

Companies that use Qtrac’s technology depend on it every day, so it is essential that Qtrac’s support team can identify and proactively address concerns as quickly as possible. Remotely monitoring devices in hundreds of global locations, they regularly detect and solve issues before their customers even notice them.

After encountering problems with other remote access software providers, Qtrac now exclusively relies on RealVNC Connect for its remote access needs.

The need for a fast remote access solution

Qtrac’s support team needed a remote access solution that is fast, secure, and user-friendly.

After initially using another well-known supplier, the team grew frustrated by the need to reestablish a secure connection from scratch every time they needed access. Repeatedly supplying login credentials and completing CAPTCHA forms was annoying and took up valuable time.

The software’s user interface also displayed all of Qtrac’s devices in a single, long list, which made navigation a challenge. If someone needed to access a specific device, they had to trawl through thousands of entries looking for the one they wanted.

Speed of response is critical to its customer proposition, so Qtrac tried a second well-known remote access provider but encountered the exact same problems again.

RealVNC Connect provides fast, secure, easy-to-navigate remote access

After two disappointing attempts to find the right solution, the Qtrac support team tried RealVNC Connect and never looked back.

Unlike other remote access software, RealVNC Connect allowed the Qtrac support team to establish secure connections for extended periods. This meant they didn’t need to repeatedly provide login credentials and fill out CAPTCHA forms.

They also found the user interface much easier to navigate. RealVNC Connect allows the support team to organize large numbers of devices in groups, by customer. This made finding a particular device much faster and more intuitive.

The Qtrac team was delighted with these advantages. As Qtrac Quality Manager Aleks Nikolovski explains, the team were keen to roll out RealVNC on every device:

“We immediately realized the user interface was much better for us, and much more user-friendly for the help desk team. Pretty soon we said, ‘Let’s just switch everything to RealVNC.’”

RealVNC Connect makes device setup much easier

In addition to monitoring devices in live environments, Qtrac now uses RealVNC Connect to streamline the setup process for its customers.

During the production cycle, new kiosk devices are connected to the support team’s local network using RealVNC Connect. RealVNC Connect is then used to install all software and scripts and to activate licenses.

After being thoroughly tested, the kiosk is shipped to the customer, who only needs to provide internet access for it to become fully operational.

Since the Qtrac support team can maintain its secure connection with RealVNC Connect during shipping, they can begin monitoring the kiosk as soon as it is in use.

With customers lining up, Qtrac has big ambitions

The Qtrac Virtual Queueing and Appointment scheduling platform removes stress and boredom from customer experiences, leading to increased sales, and better staff morale.

With thousands of government offices, banks, retail stores and healthcare facilities still asking customers to stand in slow-moving lines, Qtrac’s potential for growth is enormous.

RealVNC is ready to help Qtrac with every step of its expansion. As Aleks explains:

As a support team, we try to be proactive, and RealVNC Connect helps us do this. We can ship devices to our customers that need no other setup than an internet connection, and immediately begin monitoring it for any problems. We’re able to respond to issues so quickly, we typically solve problems before our customers have even noticed them.

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