Let’s talk about Dave: Working smart at RealVNC

When it comes to remote access, those who work in the creative field are reaping huge benefits and time savings by choosing the right software to help them stay inventive wherever they are.

They no longer need to wait to get home or to the office if they have an idea that needs to be recorded before it’s lost.

Imagine not having your notebook or laptop at hand when inspiration hits or having an outlet to note your thoughts. How quickly we forget the smaller details of an idea when it hits us out of nowhere and isn’t recorded in those first few moments! Having remote access installed on your mobile device, for example, means that you can add bits of story or graphics into a current project from wherever you are, or control your computer remotely to create original concepts in the form of new files. It is one of the biggest trends in the industry right now and is giving artists and designers unmatched levels of freedom.

We have a lot of creative people here in our Cambridge office who go through the same issues with trying to hold onto (and shape) new concepts before they are forgotten. As regular users of our remote access software, our colleagues are just as excited as you are about the technology, especially when we are on the move. We’re also lucky to have a flexible work environment that allows for a balance between being in the office and at home, and so this software aids the creative process further on the days our team members are working from home. Because we are the first to benefit from our own software, we can confidently vouch for the way the features enrich our own work.

This also means that we have been fortunate enough to be part of the process of features creation from the beginning: internal beta testing and involvement with different use cases across departments has given everyone the chance to provide feedback to our Engineering team based on our real-life experience, and granted us a deeper understanding of just how the product as a whole can help a range of people and their individual tasks. The processes, discussions, collaboration and testing that happen pre-release means that every one of us is invested in its development too.

Here in our Marketing department, graphic and video designer David uses VNC Connect to remote into his work computer when he is at home, and vice versa. Dave has worked at RealVNC for two years and is the visual communicator behind the wonderfully vivid imagery and animation that defines our brand. And he’s not restricted to two screens, either; he can access his work from his phone, laptop, or other device wherever he is.

This means he doesn’t have to re-download the editing and animation software on his main computer if he needs a change of scenery and wants to work from the coffee shop. An average workday might see Dave working on the production of training videos, 3D rendering, website design, or developing the artwork for a trade show booth. By connecting remotely, he can access the tools he needs for these jobs just the same as if he was sitting in front of the main computer.

Dave loves how quickly he can log in and access his work and feels confident that the amount of security built-in to the software means that all his sensitive data is well-protected, even if he’s transferring files on the go. Our software supports a range of platforms, and he routinely remotes to his Mac from his Windows machine (and the other way around) smoothly.

Everyone has a personal level of comfort when it comes to how they want to connect to their network, but for Dave a cloud connection means that on the days when he works from home, he can quickly and easily gain entry to the files saved here on his work computer and render illustrations, develop layouts, and create the visual concepts that make his work here so valued—all while spending quality time with his young family.

Earlier last year, we released a new high-speed streaming capability, which means that the local screen is refreshed much more often, especially for graphically intensive content over slower networks which turned. This was a game-changer for Dave, who has been impressed with the lack of frame drop even when he’s working on large-scale projects that demand a lot of bandwidth.

Dave was first in line for the beta testing for this feature, because he saw the potential in how high-speed capabilities would aid his work, and he’s been thrilled with the outcome. He now enjoys seamless compositing for animation, frame-by-frame video editing, and working in 3D because his focus can be fully applied to creating the art that makes our branding and content so appealing.

If the word “remote” implies “alone,” that couldn’t be further from the truth. Remote access doesn’t leave Dave unconnected from his team. On the contrary; the flexibility in work locations and the instant access he has means that, much like departments globally have been finding out, every individual on his team can work more cohesively and faster than ever before. When there is a project that requires collaboration, everyone involved can work together on the same project from different locations.

Now that the audio feature has been released, Dave is interested in how it can combine with high-speed streaming for a more immersive experience. The beta tests we took part in had great results, and it is exciting to imagine how this feature can help everyone who uses our software, and us too!

As for Dave, he’s just happy that such enhanced features continue to make it easier for him to work wherever he is needed, whether it’s by his family’s side or right here in the office alongside us.

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