Is the performance of your remote access software slowing you down?

When it comes to the products we buy and the services we use, these days we know that performance matters.

For example, the speed of the shopping websites that we browse matters to retailers. Google reports that ‘The average U.S. retail mobile site loaded in 6.9 seconds in July 2016, but… 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. And 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with site performance say they’re less likely to purchase from the same site again.

So, performance is vital everywhere, and especially so in the world of remote access software. In the modern world, virtually all digital content is media-rich and served in high definition. 

Video streaming services, multi-media web sites with both video and audio, and complex Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and other software are all engineered to make the most of the latest high-performance hardware and software. 

All these applications have more screen pixels than ever and feature rapidly changing graphics. 

But, what happens if the resources you’re accessing are not local to your company and instead are on the other side of the world? If the performance of your remote access solution is not fit for purpose, your company’s business prospects could suffer. 

In this post, we’ll outline some of the potential performance issues that remote access providers can face, and how the latest remote access technology can solve them, enabling your business to benefit from the latest developments in high performance. 

CAD via remote desktop without lag

Modern content places huge demands on any remote access solution. There can be problems with screen refresh times, the potential loss of packets of data in transmission, and how to maximize the available network bandwidth.

Data has to be encoded in the correct format, encrypted, transmitted, decrypted, and then decoded, all of which can affect performance.

Imagine that you run an international engineering company with offices and employees all around the world. You use CAD-modelling to design your part and products. The work is performed using software installed on powerful central servers, often accessed remotely by workers in locations such as the United States and India.

With such costly computer resources and valuable designers, you can’t afford for your remote access sessions to lag or drop pixels.

Simply typing on a keyboard, or scrolling through a media-rich website, can be a frustrating experience if your remote desktop session can’t keep up with what’s happening on the device in another country.

Consider how much more frustrating it would be if you’re working on high-resolution 4K screens with huge CAD models that need to be dragged around the screen, rotated, and exploded.

In these circumstances, performance and responsiveness are of the utmost importance for a seamless remote working experience.

No more buffering

But, responsiveness is not just important for companies running something like high-end, state-of-the-art, computer design software—all businesses using remote access can benefit from a performance boost.

You might be a video production company whose daily work consists of remotely viewing and editing media material for your clients and interacting with them in real time to discuss it.

There’d be nothing more frustrating than attempting to play or edit a video, only for it to stutter and buffer just as an important client is watching.

Or you might be a medical facility using a secure remote connection to stream confidential live video of a medical procedure to doctors and nurses for diagnostic or training purposes.

For both the patient and the medical staff it’s (obviously!) vital that your connection is uninterrupted and of the highest possible quality without any loss of content.

From the two examples above, it’s clear that, in contrast to even the relatively recent past, modern content is rich and dynamic, offering an opportunity to any remote access service provider that can offer you the highest levels of performance.

Whatever your requirements, to select the product that you need to get your job done, make sure that your software uses the most recent developments in remote desktop technology for a lag-free experience.

Look for high-speed streaming

Remote access software with a high-speed streaming capability offers you enhanced performance for the smoothest possible user experience. 

The latest versions are built on clever technologies that allow data to be more efficiently encrypted, packaged, and transmitted, and are designed to minimize any lag in communication between devices, leading to a smoother, more responsive user experience. 

They can even adapt automatically if the speed of your connection suddenly drops, to ensure that there’s minimal loss of performance during your remote session. 

For graphic-intensive programs on slower networks, you’ll notice that high-speed streaming now offers the potential to interact in effective real-time with a remote device. 

As we’ve seen in this post, the goal of any modern remote access or remote control software should be to make the experience of remotely viewing and interacting with rich, high-definition content as close as possible to that of doing it locally. 

You can read some compelling reasons for your business to check out the latest high-performance remote access solutions in this article.

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