Five Things to Remember from the Remote Access in Manufacturing Webinar

Our "Remote Access in Manufacturing" webinar expanded on how manufacturing can benefit from the use of remote access technology. Here are some of the key takeaways, as well as how to watch the webinar if you missed it.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the main points from our “Remote Access in Manufacturing” webinar. Below are six key takeaways from the webinar, which featured insights from Nick Cavalancia, a 4-time Microsoft MVP, Tony Sobottka, RealVNC, RF and Label Printing Hardware Product Lead for a global manufacturing organization, and Francesca Barnes, Customer Success Manager Team Lead at RealVNC.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at:

Embracing the Right Technologies Is Essential

Remote Access Use Is Widespread

Cybersecurity Challenges Are Real

Integrating OT/IoT Device Management Is Essential

Elevating Remote Access’ position in the conversation

Embracing the Right Technologies Is Essential

In manufacturing, a diverse array of technologies is being deployed to enable remote access, in order to achieve efficiency and flexibility. The critical challenge is identifying the technology that aligns most closely with your organization’s needs.

It’s essential to not only look at the technology’s compatibility with your organization’s requirements but also its capability to provide seamless remote access to internal and cloud-based resources.

Remote Access Use Is Widespread

Our data analysis reveals that 90% of users operating from external remote locations and 77% of users working remotely within the company premises actively access internal resources. 44% employ the same remote access methods to tap into cloud-based resources from external locations. This data shows the important role that remote access plays in the modern manufacturing landscape, underscoring its necessity for efficient and seamless operations across various locations.

Cybersecurity Challenges Are Real

The rapid rise in remote access usage brings with it various challenges, with cybersecurity standing at the top of the list of concerns. In this age, making security a priority when rolling out remote access solutions is imperative. Multi-factor authentication adds an essential layer of security, significantly decreasing the risk of unauthorized access.

Furthermore, implementing strict access controls makes sure that sensitive information and critical assets are only for the eyes of those with the necessary permissions.

Integrating OT/IoT Device Management Is Essential

When integrating Operational Technology (OT)/Internet of Things (IoT) device management with remote access capabilities, it’s essential to consider the device’s manageability from a remote perspective.

This means ensuring that the chosen remote access solution can not only connect to, but also efficiently manage the OT/IoT infrastructure as seamlessly as it would with other systems within your network setup.

Elevating Remote Access’ position in the conversation

To improve operations, management, and cybersecurity, remote access needs to play a more important part in the conversation. This starts with understanding its capabilities and considering its consolidation for better efficiency.

Our webinar provided a detailed insight into the role of remote access in manufacturing. If you missed it, catch up by viewing the complete recording. You can also check out the full Remote Access in Manufacturing Report here.

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