5 ways remote access improves customer satisfaction

With the rapid pace of technological advancement customer expectations are evolving.

These customer expectations now transcend traditional industry borders, with customers expecting levels of personalization, on-demand access and accessibility that match the leaders in customer experience across all their interactions.

Customers are beginning to judge the quality of products and services they receive not only against other companies in the same sector, but also against the best customer service they have experienced elsewhere. B2B solutions are being compared to the online user experience provided by Amazon or the service standard delivered by Uber.

The development of technology makes so much of what we do instant and connected, and this is reflected in customer expectations. 

Customers expect responses and they expect them now, and this trend is affecting both the B2C and B2B worlds. Research by Avanade found the 81% of B2B buyers said that they would choose a supplier that offers a consumer-like experience over an equally priced alternative that does not.

Last year, Forrester found that 74% of respondents believe digital is reinventing the experience they deliver to their customers.

And for businesses to succeed in this environment, they need to be responsive, efficient, accessible, and available – often 24/7.

Remote access can play an important role in meeting these expectations, enabling customer service, support, and delivery teams to respond quickly, efficiently and securely in real-time.

Here are a few reasons why:

Instant hands-on tech support

Of course, many companies recognize the value of 24/7 customer support, and some already provide this through chat bots, AI, live chat, and traditional support channels. Responsiveness is often integral to a business’ customer service strategy.

But even with support technicians instantly available, the experience still can be less than ideal. Talking a customer through a diagnosis over the phone or via online chat often is slow and laborious (especially when there are some end users who don’t understand even what “open your web browser” means).

With remote access software, support agents can get “hands-on”, can take control of the customer’s computer and sort the problem quickly. This can save time and money and avoid frustrated customers (and technicians!).

Business as usual

Extreme weather, natural disasters, transport disruption; scenarios which are all out of your control but can prevent employees getting into the office.

Remote access technology allows workers to access files as if they were in the office.

Likewise, if a team member is ill, they can login remotely to complete a critical project or pass on information so colleagues can continue working in their absence without infecting the entire office. If a presentation or report needs to be finished and sent to a client but the responsible party is unable to get to the office, they can manage it remotely so deadlines are met and clients are happy.

Enhanced security

Businesses that create sensitive or confidential documents for clients like law firms, political strategists or business consultancies, need to pay special attention to security.

One of the biggest risk areas for them is when they deliver documents for review. Despite the sensitive nature of the task, many still rely on email, which leaves the information open to interception or hacking. When they choose travel to the client offices with local copies on laptops, they also get exposed to unnecessary risks, as some have found out.

Instead, businesses should consider using remote access to provide access to critical documents. Clients could review them from their offices, either on their own or together with the firm’s employees. This keeps the documents safe behind the firewall of the organization.

 Enhanced security equals better customer assurance and therefore better customer satisfaction. With good remote access software, data is encrypted throughout the entire session 

Less strain on IT

Reducing travel time and hassle reduces stress and strain on support teams. By using remote access technology, they are left with more time to resolve customer issues promptly and effectively. When they can sit in the relative comfort of the office, they are better able to focus on helping more customers rather than fighting their way back and forth across town to be onsite. A happier, more efficient support service is the result, which is clearly better for clients.

Less intrusive

Some customers don’t want the intrusion of an IT technician onsite. A visit from a support person, no matter how necessary, is viewed as an inconvenience that is getting in the way of their people doing their jobs and disrupting schedules.

Busy clients sometimes simply don’t want you around, and they appreciate it when you can get their problem sorted out of sight and mind.


Remote access can give your business the responsiveness and efficiency that customers are coming to expect. And, as we’ve shown in this post, it can go beyond traditional help desk functions to help your entire organization satisfy and delight your customers.

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