Splashtop vs RealVNC: Why RealVNC is the More Secure and Reliable Alternative

Tired of Splashtop? We Hear You! Many companies find Splashtop’s security features lacking and their customization options limited. You’re not alone. With over 90,000 business customers and 250+ million downloads, RealVNC provides reliable and efficient support to many users. Here’s why people are switching to us.

Why switch to RealVNC?

Discover why businesses are switching to RealVNC for their remote control and remote access needs.

Same features
for less




Consolidate on

External device support
with VNC Viewer


All the features you actually need, for a whole lot less

With Splashtop, you pay a premium for functionality that you’re unlikely to use. RealVNC Connect covers all the bases and more without the hefty price tag, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership, including advanced remote control, remote support, and remote desktop capabilities.

Unlimited concurrent sessions
Covers every remote access use case
with a single subscription
Supports cloud and direct connections
256-bit AES encryption
Granular access controls
Multi-factor authentication
File transfer
Session recording and auditing
Remote printing
Real-time chat
API and automation tools Enterprise
Connections auto-adjust to optimize
for network speed
Company-wide ISO 27001 certification
Pricing flexibility (per user or device)
White box audit to validate security

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Don’t choose between accessibility and security

When evaluating remote desktop software, it's common to question how secure they really are. At RealVNC, we ensure that security is foundational to our technology. Our 'secure-by-design' approach, bolstered by ISO 27001 certification and adherence to industry standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS, guarantees that our solutions are as trustworthy as they are powerful.

Decentralized device IDs keep devices completely undiscoverable from non-authorized users

Choice of MFA options available that can be chained for extra layer of protection

Two-factor authentication for account access and session authentication is enabled by default

RealVNC Connect is the first and only remote access solution to undergo an independent white box security audit. Read the summary of findings here.

We proactively strive to ensure the
highest security standards

RealVNC's company-wide ISO 27001 certification ensures more comprehensive security than Splashtop, whose certification applies only to data centre partners.

RealVNC® Connect supports PCI DSS compliance

RealVNC® Connect supports GDPR compliance
RealVNC® Connect supports HIPAA compliance
ISO 27001

RealVNC®️ Connect supports ISO 27001

The RealVNC Difference

RealVNC Connect isn't just a secure alternative to Splashtop, it outperforms many remote support solutions in the market for its features, security, and value. Learn more about how RealVNC compares to other competitors and discover more reasons to switch to RealVNC Connect.

Easier Scalability

When you grow, the last thing you want is to be hindered by software costs. Splashtop has different plans for remote desktop access and remote support that can quickly add up as you scale your use. RealVNC Connect offers unlimited concurrent connections, and with the choice to pay per user or per device, you have the flexibility to find pricing that works best for you.

Consolidate on costs

Reduce your IT spend with a single remote access solution that lets you provide IT support, administer devices, and empower a remote workforce. RealVNC's tailored plans help businesses avoid paying for unnecessary features.

Support Any Device or User, Even if They’re on an External Network

Like Splashtop, RealVNC Connect also lets you work remotely to support end users, even when they’re on personal devices or outside your corporate network. Using our On-Demand Assist tool, you can offer just-in-time remote support without needing to have software pre-installed.

Additionally, utilizing a VNC server allows for remote access and control of computers from anywhere in the world, making it an essential tool for business professionals and IT support teams.

The Real Deal for Remote Access

RealVNC has been consecutively named a G2 industry leader by hundreds of users.
G2 Leader Winter
G2 Leader Winter
G2 Leader Winter
G2 Leader Winter
G2 Leader Winter

Don’t take our word for it…

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